UFO Expert: The Full Story About UAPs Is ‘Pretty Bloody Horrific’

Ross Coulthart says the truth about UAPs could be disturbing. Shown is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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Journalist Ross Coulthart, who was one of the first to interview whistleblower David Grusch about his UFO allegations, has been sharing more details about the possibility of UAP disclosure and the potential truth behind aliens and UFOs. But he’s been warning that some information that might come out could be disturbing

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Coulthart Said the Full Story About UFOs Is ‘Horrific’

Screenshot from That UFO Podcast's YouTube channel
Screenshot from That UFO Podcast’s YouTube channel

In a recent interview with That UFO Podcast, which was released on October 8, Coulthart said that the full story surrounding how the U.S. has covered up UFOs is “horrific.” 

He said: “The simple fact is that if the American government chooses to classify what essentially is alleged to be an illegal, criminal coverup, it doesnt’ look good for the constitution of the United States that they’ve chosen to do that… I guess I just don’t believe that the Congress would allow that to happen. I mean there are too many people now in the Congress who are aware of the full story. And believe me, the full story is pretty bloody and horrific… What’s been going on is a disgrace. 

He then elaborated more on what he was referring to.

“I wish I could talk more specifically about it, and I feel frustrated as a journalist that I just can’t go, ‘blehng, this is what I know.’ But the simple fact is that there are very, very good reasons why journalists have to protect sources and have to hold on to certain bits of information… Whether in the long run that all comes out, I don’t know… David Grusch has alleged, and people are missing the point of this, David Grusch has alleged that people have been murdered to protect these secrets. That’s not an idle statement, I can tell you… It makes the whole thing, if true, makes Watergate, Iran Contra, and every other bloody scandal that’s happened in the American government over the past 80 or 90 years, pale into comparison. The consequences and the implications of this are absolutely enormous. And I found out so much more since I interviewed David. Spoken to so many more people.” 

You can listen to the full podcast episode in the embed below.

Later in the podcast, Coulthart continued, talking a bit about how he knows that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG), Thomas Monheim, is investigating Grusch’s claims, despite his recent letter that went viral on social media. 

“He didn’t deny he was doing an investigation, but he denied doing everything else that’s within his powers…” Coulthard said. 

Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported on Monheim’s letter, pointing out in-depth why leaving out the word “investigate” was so telling and actually reveals that the ICIG is indeed, likely, investigating the claims. 

Coulthart Also Said Some NHI May Have Acted Malevolently

However, Coulthart also said there were indications of NHI not always being benevolent. 

At about 41 minutes into the interview, he was asked about the injuries people had experienced from encountering UFOs or NHI. Was it just accidental? Coulthart said from what he had heard from Grusch and others, some of the NHIs’ actions were malevolent.  

“I’m sorry to upset anybody out there, but no… I’m talking here about malevolence,” Coulthart said. “I’m talking here about deliberately targeted attacks by alleged nonhuman intelligences that weren’t accidental. They were deliberate acts of murder, killing, and mutilation.” 

But there were also reports of the U.S. shooting at UAPs, Coulthart continued, which has its own implications. 

However, Coulthart is also optimistic. If the key acts concerning UAP reforms pass in the National Defense Authorization Act, and Congress is fully informed about legacy programs, then Coulthart thinks by the end of next year (or early the following year) we’ll know more about what’s going on. 

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