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New Trailer for My Time at Sandrock Ahead of Version 1.0 Release

My Time at Sandrock

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Focus Entertainment and Pathea Games have unveiled a fresh trailer for My Time at Sandrock, the highly-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed sandbox RPG My Time at Portia. This game is currently available on PC through Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store, with its full version 1.0 scheduled to drop on November 2. As the release date draws near, the brand-new Gameplay Overview Trailer provides an extensive preview of the adventures, character progression, and meaningful connections awaiting you in this heartwarming sandbox RPG.

What is Featured in My Time at Sandrock V 1.0?

Multiplayer unlocked!

With the introduction of the online multiplayer mode, My Time at Sandrock opens up a world of collaborative possibilities. You and up to three of your friends can team up to embark on incredible adventures, all while unleashing your collective builder’s creativity. Whether you’re building awe-inspiring structures, embarking on daring quests, or simply exploring the charming landscape, the choice is yours.

In this multiplayer mode, you’re not limited to solitary experiences. Together, you can take on formidable monsters, battling side by side to protect your creations and conquer the challenges that await. The camaraderie that blossoms in these battles enhances the sense of achievement and shared victory, making every encounter memorable.

My Time at Sandrock
My Time at Sandrock

Building, Crafting, and more.

Personalize your character, establish your workshop, and initiate the upgrade process. However, you’re not just an ordinary builder; you’re an adventurer! Sandrock is the ideal destination for individuals like you, offering a sprawling open world ripe for exploration, filled with hidden treasures, valuable resources, and an extensive narrative ready to be unveiled. Your journeys will play a crucial role in uncovering secrets, enhancing your tools, developing your skills, and expanding your abilities, ultimately propelling you to become one of the most esteemed builders in Sandrock.

Build Relationships!

Between your craft and thrilling adventures, it’s essential to take a breather, and Sandrock offers plenty of ways to unwind. You can explore the town and treat yourself to new outfits, spend quality time petting charming animals, and dive into engaging mini-games to add a fun twist to your journey.

Moreover, you can strike up delightful conversations with the friendly inhabitants, search for the ideal gifts to make a lasting impression, and undertake quests that will deepen your connections with them. In this friendly community, you might even discover romance blossoming, as Sandrock is a place where friendships have the potential to evolve into something more profound.

My Time at Sandrock
My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is currently accessible via Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store. The highly-anticipated v1.0 of the game is set to launch on November 2nd, becoming available on multiple platforms, including Bilibili, WeGame, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. If you’re a PlayStation 4 player, stay tuned for updates and news about its release through My Time at Sandrock’s social media channels.

A collector’s edition of the game will be available on November 2 and will include collectibles such as digital content, a plush toy, a comic book, and more.

My Time at Sandrock collector's edition
My Time at Sandrock collector’s edition

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