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Whistleblower Claims Vatican Helped U.S. Retrieve UFO

A Canva depiction of what a UFO might look like.

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A UFO whistleblower has claimed that the Vatican was involved in one of the United States’ first UFO retrievals dating all the way back to 1933. But in a recent press conference, a representative of the Vatican said they don’t have much expertise when it comes to UFOs and most likely can’t even evaluate the truthfulness of spiritual UFO encounters.

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Grusch Said the Vatican Was Involved in Sending a UFO to the United States Around 1945

David Grusch testifying to Congress (CSPAN)
David Grusch testifying to Congress. A new amendment seeks to get Grusch’s clearance renewed. (CSPAN)

When UFO whistleblower David Grusch first came forward with his allegations that the United States has a secret UFO retrieval and reverse engineering program, he mentioned the Vatican’s involvement. In a NewsNation interview with journalist Ross Coulthart — Grusch’s first TV interview — Grusch said that in 1933 in Magenta, Italy, a partially intact UFO was recovered. It was moved to a secure airbase in Italy, he said, where it stayed until about 1944 to 1945 when the U.S. retrieved it from the Pope. 

Here’s a transcript of that portion of the interview. 

Ross Coulthart  14:52

So let’s just start from the very beginning. You say it’s a 90 year cover up?

David Grusch  15:00

Just about, yeah.

Ross Coulthart  15:01

90 years.

David Grusch  15:02

1933 was the first recovery in Europe in Magenta, Italy. They recovered a partially intact vehicle.

Ross Coulthart  15:11

It’s long been known that the regime of dictator Benito Mussolini, documented numerous UAP. During this time, this internal memo from the Italian secret services includes crude drawings of the UAPs. It’s true. It’s real.

David Grusch  15:30

Yeah, that actually happened. The Italian government moved it to a secure airbase in Italy for the rest of kind of the fascist regime until 1944-1945. And you know, the Pope Pius the 12th back channeled that.

Ross Coulthart

So the Vatican was involved.

David Grusch

Yeah, and told the Americans what the Italians had, and we ended up scooping it.

Then in November, Grusch appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and spoke more about the Vatican’s involvement. 

He said he couldn’t detail exactly when the secret U.S. UFO retrieval program started, but one of the earlier ones involved the 1933 UFO retrieval in Italy. He said he chose that incident because some of the information was already publicly available, and it helped illustrate just how far back the retrievals went, and how they didn’t just involve the United States. 

“I mean, this stuff is landing or crashing around the world and unexpected countries have had this happen,” he said. 

He went on to talk about the Vatican’s involvement. 

“Pope Pius the 12th and the Vatican were involved back-channeling it through the OSS—which became the CIA later—to FDR. And that’s how the U.S. knew something weird happened in Italy…right before World War II,” he shared. 

He said the shape was similar to a traditional UFO shape.

“The original shape most likely a lenticular disc-like craft… Like two dinner plates, you know, smushed together, and there’s a bubble on top…” he said. “It looks like when it hits, the edges broke off. So it became this bell or acorn-shaped thing And there was nothing in it. It was like just an artifact. There was no biological remnants if you will.”

And since the Italians had no idea what it was, they brought the Germans in to help figure it out. 

“The Italians were so confused,” he told Rogan. “They actually called up the Germans and they were like, ‘Is this one of (yours)?’ … Mussolini asked the Germans to come down. Of course, the Germans came down and they were like, ‘That is not ours, but let’s look at it together.’ So that’s …. perhaps a tertiary reason the … access powers got together.”

Grusch went on to say that the craft was about 20 by 10 feet in size, and “there was nothing in it.” 

But it wasn’t until around 1944-1945 that the U.S. retrieved it.

“We knew where it was being stored at a particular location after the crash, and then the military came in, and we grabbed it towards the end of the war, in 1944, 1945, because, like I said, Pope Pius the 12th already kinda let FDR know…” Grusch said. 

After the UFO was brought to the United States, he said, experts tried to figure out just what it was. He said the same secrecy used to hide the development of the atomic bomb was overlaid on UFO research. 

But in a May 2024 Press Conference, Vatican Representatives Said They Had No UFO Expertise

In mid-May 2024, the Vatican held a press conference detailing new norms for discerning alleged supernatural phenomena. Is the phenomena spiritual? Is it secular in nature? Could it be the source of a hoax? The conference itself did not mention UFOs or aliens. It ultimately set up a new series of steps for discerning the truth behind supernatural phenomena, noting that only the Pope can make the final determination. (In the past, Bishops had made determinations that later Bishops then disagreed with, causing confusion.) 

But during a Q&A with reporters after the press conference, one reporter asked about UFOs. The reporter noted that media attention being given to the UFO phenomena, along with some claims that UFO encounters are actually spiritual encounters. They asked if the new document provides any norms for evaluating these UFO experiences. The reporter didn’t ask specifically about the 1933 UFO incident, but simply about the Vatican evaluating UFO experiences. 

Cardinal Fernandez replied (in a translated version): “On UFOs we are truly not specialists; we cannot intervene. It could happen that a certain phenomenon of this kind is linked to a Christian, Catholic religious phenomenon, in which case we shall see, but otherwise not. This could also happen in other religions; it’s not our task, and outside the faith certainly even less so.”

An Italian Researcher Has Documents About the Italy UFO

Grusch mentioned in his interview with Rogan that much of the information he shared “is all publicly available information because some Italian researchers found all these original documents that some people were sitting on for years in Italy…”

That researcher is Roberto Pinotti, president of Italy’s National UFO Centre, according to a 2014 BBC article. The BBC article explored a 1954 sighting above a stadium in Florence while 10,000 fans were watching a football game at the Stadio Artemi Franchi. Everyone, including the players,  saw fast-moving UFOs flying over and stopping over the stadium. They were described as looking like “Cuban cigars.”

In one of his books (as reported by The Black Vault,) Pinotti said the crash was first investigated by a wartime intelligence unit called Gabinetto RS/33, authorized by Benito Mussolini. It was then reportedly stored in the hangers of SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate. Pinotti received documents from an anonymous person who said he was related to one of the investigators. It included a drawing of the object, a description that it was grey in color and appeared kind of like a “metallic tube.” Later, another relative named Faustino verified the authenticity of the documents. 

In a more recent interview with the Daily Mail, the Daily Mail reported that other historians haven’t been able to verify the existence of RS/33. The authenticity of the documents themselves are also still debated. 

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