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Alone Season 10, Episode 8 Recap and Review

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Episode 8 of History Channel’s Alone, Season 10, takes place over Days 35-40. Five contestants remain at the start of the episode. 

This is a recap and review of episode 8.

Spoilers to follow!



On the thirty-fifth day, Mikey explains how he caught four “rats” (field mice) that were infesting his shelter. A few days later, he uses a homemade mortar and pestle to grind up the bones to make pemmican, which is like a greasy jerk.

In the morning, he goes hunting but finds a ton of berries instead. He crushes them in his pot and then spreads them on a stone to make fruit leather. Meanwhile, he talks about his son (as he does often, which is understandable!). It’s heartbreaking that Mikey is competing on Alone to try and get money to help pay for his son’s Autism programs and therapy. You can see the difference in his mentality towards the challenge from the other contestants; where most are doing this to prove to themselves they can or simply to experience it, Mikey sees winning as almost a necessity for his child’s future. It’s interesting how the show started by making Mikey look a bit bumbling (who knows how many fumbles the other contestants made that they didn’t show), but as the season goes on, his capabilities are brought more and more to light. 

He didn’t seem too happy about the snow, though, so we’ll see how this Georgia boy fares when it gets deep! 



Alan is also experiencing a mouse infestation, but his are eating his clothes. He builds a deadfall to catch them. He has also created a “pike-proof” lure (“lake trout baby two”) to replace his lost ones. 

While fishing, he hears a grouse nearby. He locates it, takes a shot with his bow, and we’re to presume he caught it.


Melanie is building her fire shelter on day 37. She explains that part of the challenge of Alone is boredom, so it’s important to do small projects to keep your mind occupied. She then breaks down a bit while staring at the horizon in the direction of her home. 

The next day, Melanie shows us her frozen stiff, thermal underlayer that she has hanging on a tree. She dries it over the fire as she gathers rock tripe and reindeer moss. She turns the latter into flour. She then talks about how her boyfriend tricked her into going on a bear hunt in order to set up a proposal.


On day 38, Wyatt shows off his wound from a few weeks back, squeezing out pus (gross). He goes fishing, explaining that he’s caught nothing in the last few days. His hands also grow cold quicker when fishing, as he can’t use gloves with his rod. He’s lost 44 pounds since the first day. 

On day 40, it snows, and we see everyone’s reactions (ranging from apprehensive to excited). Wyatt seems in a good mood about it, and goes looking for lindenberrires. 


Taz starts the episode by going fishing and manages to catch a smaller fish and a decent-sized pike. He plans on making fish head soup. He has a new mentality that goes against rationing – he argues that eating most of his food now will give him the energy to hunt more, and bigger, food. 

He hears a marten in the distance and goes after it, catching it. He’s glad to have caught the thief that had been menacing him. A few days later, he goes looking for big game. He doesn’t find anything, so he goes to his shelter where he builds a ukulele to boost his spirits. As he works on it, he talks about his life as a late teen with a strict and abusive step-father and how he had to grow up fast when he left home and his girlfriend became pregnant.  

On day 39, Taz regales us with a song as he sits on his chair. He decides to take his canoe out to get some fish. He explains that he wants to win the competition in order to bring his kids to the USA to live with him. He explains that when he fails he thinks of them, and it makes him feel better. 

The next day, after walking through the snow, Taz talks about missing his kids. An hour later, he taps out. He talks about his achievements, both on Alone and before it, and how he’s looking forward to helping his kids start their own lives as adults. 


Despite my thinking Taz eating ruined food would cause him to tap out, I was correct (for once!) that he would be the next one to go. Yet, he left on a high note, with aspirations, which is always nice to see. Melanie seems to be breaking down a bit more when it comes to homesickness, but if she can get past that slump, her storage of various lichens might carry her longer than the others. Wyatt’s injury is concerning, so that might send him home if it spreads (or the medics take him out). Alan’s shown that despite his outbursts, once he calms down, he is able to adapt, so I’m inching his chances over Wyatt’s at this point. And Mickey … the show manipulated me into thinking he was this bumbling guy in over his head in the initial episodes, but now I think he has a shot at winning, and I really hope he does!


The next episode airs on Aug 3, 2023, on History Channel and StackTV.

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