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Retired Colonel: ‘Zero Doubt’ Aliens Are ‘Interacting with Humanity’

Retired Colonel says NHI are visiting us. (Canva)

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A retired colonel has gone on record saying that he has “zero doubt” that non-human intelligence is “interacting with humanity.” Col. Karl Nell has the credentials to back up such a profound statement, with a background in the military and working closely with government officials and private defense contractors. The statement was made during his Q&A at the SALT conference on May 21, 2024. 

The SALT iConnections conference took place in New York this year. According to its website, SALT is a “community of the world’s foremost investors, creators and thinkers. Our mission is to drive prosperity and innovation by connecting investment capital with intellectual capital.” SALT was founded in 2009 by SkyBridge Capital, but it’s now a standalone entity, the website notes. SALT began by hosting its flagship conferences in Las Vegas, but in 2021 it moved its yearly conference to New York to help with post-pandemic recovery. Now it hosts three conferences every year: one in New York, on in Abu Dhabi, and one in Singapore. 

SALT speakers have included presidents, heads of state, technology executives, and more. Whistleblower David Grusch was originally slated to speak, but after he had to back out, Nell was brought in as one of the lead speakers. 

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Nell Said Interaction with NHI ‘Is Not New’

While Nell’s entire Q&A is fascinating and should be fully watched, the initial statements about NHI happened around 3 minutes into the discussion. Alex Klokus led the Q&A. 

Klokus asked at 3:04 if Nell believes a high form of non-human intelligence has visited Earth.

Nell replied: “Non-human intelligence exists. Non-human intelligence has been interacting with humanity. This interaction is not new and it’s been ongoing. And there are unelected people in the government that are aware of that.”

He then clarified at about 3:41 into the discussion: “There’s zero doubt.”

Nell certainly has the background to lend credibility to his claims. In addition to his role as the Army’s liaison with the UAP Task Force (of which Grusch was also a part), Nell has had executive and leadership roles at Fortune 500 firms, according to his LinkedIn. These include companies like Lockheed Missiles & Space and Northrop Grumman. His bio also notes that he’s a War College alumni and was a Brigade Commander supporting XVIII Airbone Corps and JSOC. His bio also notes that he currently works as a modernization advisor to Army Futures Command. 

His bio at SALT also notes that he orchestrated the creation of the Army’s Project Convergence, and has led a national security R&D division with classified customers. Someone with his credentials could likely have more to lose by speaking out on NHI claims than to gain. 

The Government Has Essentially Admitted This Already, He Said

Nell shared that numerous people with “high-level access to information” have said the same. And at about 10:18 into the interview, he added that hte government’s already basically admitted to it. 

“Anybody paying attention realizes the government has already indicated that unidentified anomalous phenomena are real, they’re not ours, and they’re not our adversaries,” he said. “The Pentagon has said that… That shoe already dropped.”

But why is the government reluctant to share this? 

Nell said there are six main reasons: national security, lack of a plan, the potential for societal disruption, a possible “non-public agreement,” a “potential for misdeeds” and a desire to cover that up, and “basic organizational intransigence and lack of priority.” 

The biggest reason, he said around 7:28, is national security. But not having a plan for responsibly addressing the existence of NHI is another big factor in holding back disclosure. 

Nell also talked about three main reasons why we must disclose, even if NHI are a national security threat. First is that we have a moral right to know the fundamental nature of our reality. And if any misdeeds and lack of oversight have occurred, that needs to be remediated, he said around 9 minutes into the interview. 

A second reason is that it’s never good for a country to be stuck in a reactive mode like we are now, which could lead to catastrophic disclosure. And third, in order to achieve societal advance, we need more people involved in researching this alien tech. 

At around 10:55, Nell posited that admitting to the existence of NHI will lead to a lot of other uncomfortable questions and a possible stressor on society that would be tough to overcome. He referenced the Bronze age, where very sophisticated civilizations collapsed in “a single lifetime” because of stressors they couldn’t address. He said our civilization now is similarly fractured and under similar stressors. 

However, he said, society is in many ways prepared due to the focus on aliens in the media, and even religions believing in the supernatural. But, he added, “it’s one thing to believe and it’s another to know.” 

Are NHI a Threat?

At about 14:43 into the interview, Nell said that it’s likely any intelligent civilization evolved through Darwinian stressors similar to what we faced. 

“So I think it’s naive to expect complete altruism until and unless you get to a state of post scarcity… where you essentially have no physical needs,” he said. “So in some sense, it’s the economics of the future that are gonna determine whether there’s cooperation, competition or some sort of symbiosis and inform the intention. But to assume either mal intent or complete altruism, I think, is somewhat naive.”

 Of note, Nell is definitely not the first credible person to speak out about NHI being real. 

Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet said that NHI are indeed visiting us, in an interview with Liberation Times. 

“I do know from the people I trust, who have had access to some of these programs, that there are different types of non-human intelligence visiting us whose intentions we do not know,” Gallaudet said. 

And of course, UFO whistleblower David Grusch has said that he’s spoken to more than 40 firsthand witnesses who claim the U.S. has a secret reverse engineering UFO retrieval program. 

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