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What Time Is Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Airing on TV & AMC+?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

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It’s right around the corner! We are on the cusp of the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead‘s eight and final season. But when does the new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead come out, and where can you watch them? Get your favorite munchies ready since it’s going to be here sooner than you think. Here are the specifics on how you may watch the eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead, whether it be on TV or online.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC and AMC+

This year is a little different when it comes to stream and watch Fear The Walking Dead on TV. Contrary to other seasons, the episodes are not going to air a week in advance on AMC+, but rather on Thursdays at midnight. Then, you’ll be able to get the same episode on AMC every Sunday night 9PM eastern, 6PM pacific. It’s not clear why AMC has decided to go that route, but if you’ve got AMC+, you can still enjoy an ‘early’ release of each episode. 

You are able to watch episodes of FTWD without having to worry about being interrupted by commercials if you have AMC+. You will get access to the first episode on Thursdays, before those who watch the show on television will be able to see it. It’s sort of a pay-to-win way to watch your favorite shows nowadays.

This season will be comprised of 12 episodes separated into two parts. here are the first 6 episodes, dates at which they will air on AMC and AMC+, and their titles:

  • Episode 1 “Remember What They Took From You” May 14 (May 11 on AMC+)
  • Episode 2 “Blue Jay” May 21 (May 18 on AMC+)
  • Episode 3 “Odessa” May 28 (May 25 on AMC+)
  • Episode 4 “King County” June 4 (June 1 on AMC+)
  • Episode 5 “More Time Than You Know” June 11 (June 8 on AMC+)
  • Episode 6  “All I See Is Red” June 18 (June 15 on AMC+)

Part 2 of Fear The Walking Dead will premiere later in the year 2023.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

What is The Walking Dead Season 8 about?

The plot summary for the most recent season focuses on the cynical rule that PADRE is enforcing on the island where Morgan, Madison, and the others that they brought there are living. At this moment, when our heroes have lost all hope and are feeling hopeless, the only thing that can rekindle their hope for a better world is the goal that Morgan and Madison started out on in the first place, which is to find Morgan’s daughter, Mo. This is the only task that has the potential to rekindle their desire for a better future.

There will be a seven-year gap in continuity between episodes of this season and the next. This is the greatest amount of time that has ever occurred between episodes of the series, with the previous record for the longest gap in time between episodes being the two years that went between “Sleigh Ride” and “What’s Your Story?” In addition to this, the time leap is the longest in the annals of the TV Universe, surpassing “What Comes After” by a full six years to become the record holder for this distinction.

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