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Journalist: Whistleblower May Testify People Were Killed to Cover Up UFOs

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Journalist Ross Coulthart, who interviewed whistleblower David Grusch about his UFO allegations, recently talked in a podcast about all the information that Grusch is ready to share with Congress in an upcoming hearing. The details, Coulthart shared, include alleged criminal activities and possibly even murders to hide the evidence of a UAP retrieval program. 

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Coulthart Said At Least 3 Firsthand Witnesses May Back Up Grusch in the House Hearing

Ross Coulthart on the Need to Know podcast.
Ross Coulthart on the Need to Know podcast.

In his recent podcast, “Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel,” Coulthart spoke more about what is going to happen in the House hearing on July 26, and what David Grusch is prepared to share. He speaks about it just before 23:00 in the video.

“What I do know is there’s apparently going to be a hearing on the 26th of July … and I’m told David Grusch will probably be testifying and I’m told also that there are plans for possibly three other witnesses to testify,” Coulthart first said. “Hold on to your horses, because frankly, I just can’t believe it. Frankly, it’s amazing to me how quickly this is all unfolding.”

He Added that Grusch Has Evidence About Crimes That Were Committed

Coulthart went on to note that if Grusch shares what he said publicly so far, and several firsthand witnesses testify confirming what he’s said, that will indeed be a form of official disclosure. And it would be a momentous moment in U.S. and world history. 

At about 26 minutes into the podcast, Coulthart added that Grusch is prepared to give evidence concerning people who were allegedly “murdered” to keep the disclosure a secret. He said: 

“Imagine if they asked … ‘Mr. Grusch, you told Ross Coulthart in an interview with NewsNation people had been murdered to protect this secret. Who? Who was murdered?’ And Mr. Grusch is prepared to start giving evidence about that point.” 

It would be a really big deal, Coultheart emphasized. 

“This is why they’re panicking,” Coulthart continued. “What we’re talking about here is criminal activity.”

It’s important to note that this isn’t information Grusch has withheld, it would simply be information shared publicly for the first time. Grusch has already been following whistleblower protection laws and presented his evidence to the Intelligence Community Inspector General, who found it urgent and credible

Grusch has already talked about the alleged crimes in his interview with NewsNation.

Sen. Marco Rubio Also Said Witnesses Were Fearful of Harm

Screenshot of Rubio NewsNation interview
Screenshot of Rubio NewsNation interview

Coulthart’s statements don’t come in a vacuum. Sen. Marco Rubio has hinted at something similar, as Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported

He told NewsNation reporter Joe Khalil in an interview that others with firsthand knowledge have corroborated many of Grusch’s claims, including that they fear harm for coming forward.  

“Some are public figures, you know, and we’ve heard from them in the past,” Rubio said. “Others, umm, you know, have not shared publicly. And so we’re trying to gather as much of that information as we can… And the reason why I’m being cautious, I’m not trying to be evasive, but I am trying to be protective of these people. Some of these people still work in the government. And frankly a lot of them are very fearful: fearful of their jobs, fearful of their clearances, fearful of their career, and some frankly are fearful of harm coming to them.” 

As a “Gang of Eight” intelligence member, Rubio’s statements bear a lot of weight. Congress’ “Gang of Eight” refers to eight leaders within Congress who are briefed on classified intelligence matters.

The current “Gang of Eight” intelligence members are Sen. Rubio and Sen. Warner (from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence), Rep. Mike Turner and Rep. Jim Himes (from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence), Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Sen. Mitch McConnell. 

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