Gunners Land | Post Apocalyptic Stop Motion Animation Film



Gunners Land is an upcoming stop motion film series by Army men Life.

Plot for the Film (Lore)
This is a stop motion film about an alternate world (Alternate Universe) a post-apocalypse after a volcano eruption blackens out the earth a decade after WW2. After Humanity fought over the dying resources in the war known as “the War of Ashes” that lasted less than a year. The survivors that still remain after all this time are known as the wanderers of the wastelands. Even after billions of people starved or died from fighting the war. The remains of humanity and the world are starting to pick up the shattered pieces from what’s left of life on earth. In the lawless vast wastelands of Gunners Land. There are people who become sheriffs or what they call themselves, Gunners. The people who become Gunners are determined to keep the vast wasteland safe from crooked criminals and the dangers of the wastes. But after the Gunners fall apart, some of these Gunners decided to take the law into their own hands. They wanted to follow a new path. They wanted complete control over all of Gunners Land’s vast wastelands. There were two groups that emerged. The scars, and the knights. The knights wanted to follow the new path, the path to complete control and the abolishment of freedom across Gunners Land. The scars however wanted to keep the peace in Gunners Land and solve things democratically.

The Story of the Film (Present Day)
After he failed his best friend and comrades who he lost to the dangers of the wastes. An old Scar Gunner named Gustav Quill comes across a teenage wasteland known as Victor Sanchez. (San-Shez) When Gustav Quill saves the boy. Gustav and Victor will go on a journey of mentorship and guidance that is rarely seen in the wastes. But when his old enemies and warlord Rusha Wallace seeks revenge by capturing the boy. Gustav must go and have a final facedown with the people who slaughtered his brothers in arms.


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