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Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 Filming in Massachusetts

TWD: Dead City

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AMC’s The Ones Who Live may have ended a little over a week ago, but there is still good news to come for The Walking Dead fans; Dead City season 2 is currently filming in Massachusetts. Maggie and Negan should soon be making their reappearance on the screen at the start of Fall 2024, according to the information that was disclosed online.

Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 Filming in Taunton, MA

The Taunton Gazette reported that Stalwart Productions LLC, the production company behind AMC’s “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” has announced that filming would take place in the neighborhood of Taunton. The series is set in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, as stated in a letter dated April 4 addressed to residents. They were cautioned in the letter to expect a rise in truck activity, particularly in the mornings. Additionally, it assures that detail officers from the Taunton Police Department will be present to offer assistance during the filming process.

Dead City season 2
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According to the letter, filming is taking place at two locations: the former Reed & Barton factory site at 144 West Britannia St., and the Whittenton Mills Complex at 437 Whittenton St. Filming is scheduled for Monday, April 8th, Tuesday, April 9th, and Thursday, April 11th. “We are also interested in potentially paying certain houses to keep some lights off during the filming as the show takes place during a zombie apocalypse,” the letter said.

The show is additionally filming in the Boston area from April through July, and Kendall Cooper Casting, based in Boston, is actively seeking extras. Apart from walkers, the agency specified in its casting call that it requires extras to portray soldiers, post-apocalyptic survivors, and various other roles throughout the season.

The casting team is seeking individuals of all ages and ethnicities who are local to the Boston area to portray walkers, soldiers, post-apocalyptic survivors, and various other extra roles throughout the season. Specifically, they are in need of athletes and individuals with military or law enforcement backgrounds to depict soldiers. Additionally, they are looking for individuals with weathered faces to portray survivors in the apocalypse, as well as individuals who are very thin, tall, and have flexible/available schedules to portray walkers.

 Whittenton Mills Complex at 437 Whittenton St
Dead City Season 2 filming location: Whittenton Mills Complex at 437 Whittenton St.

What is The Walking Dead: Dead City About?

The Walking Dead: Dead City is a new post-apocalyptic horror drama series on AMC. It’s a spinoff from the original The Walking Dead, focusing on Maggie and Negan. It’s the first of its kind and the fifth in The Walking Dead family, keeping the story going strong. Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are back as Maggie and Negan. The first season hit screens on June 18, 2023, with six episodes, and got the green light for a second season in July 2023. According to Rotten Tomatoes,  the first season of The Walking Dead: Dead City has scored an 80% approval rating, with an average rating of 7.2/10, based on 54 critic reviews.

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