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Schumer’s Groundbreaking UAP Bill Could Declassify UFOs [FULL DOCUMENT]

Is the Pentagon hiding UFO crafts? Schumer's new UAP bill would seek to know the truth. (Canva)

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Astounding strides toward governmental transparency about UFO retrievals now have bipartisan support. Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, has introduced groundbreaking legislation seeking to ultimately declassify a broad range of UAP documents. The news follows attempts by Republican Rep. Tim Burchett to declassify public UAP sightings — an amendment that the House added to its National Defense Authorization Act, but only after limiting the proposal’s scope. Schumer’s new proposal is much farther-reaching and comes weeks before the House plans to hold a hearing about UFOs

The news comes after UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s recent allegations that the U.S. had a secret UAP retrieval and reverse-engineering program, and officials were trying to hide it from the AARO task force. AARO was created by Sen. Kristen Gillibrand and Sen. Marco Rubio to investigate UAPs. 

Members of the House and Senate poised to debate their versions of the NDAA as early as this week (as of September 20, 2023), and ultimately hammer out a version that both can agree on. UFO enthusiasts are pushing to call their representatives and ensure they vote in favor of this groundbreaking bill. 

You can read the full 64-page document submitted by Schumer below.

To review a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown of all of Grusch’s claims, with citations, see our story here. We’ll be diving deep into Schumer’s bill and sharing more articles about it in our UFO Discord channel, so join us there or subscribe to our emails. 

Read Schumer’s Full UAP Bill Below

Embedded below is the full 64-page version of Schumer’s UAP bill, originally retrieved from the Senate’s official website

Schumer UAP Bill on Scribd


When introducing the bill, a press statement noted that the bill is “modeled after JFK Assassination Records Collection Act” and it’s being presented as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA.) The press statement notes that it would “mandate government records related to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) carry the presumption of disclosure.” 

The legislation will be introduced on the Senate floor next week. 

The New York Times broke the news about the bill, revealing that it would create a commission that has the authority to declassify UFO and UAP documents. Schumer is proposing this as an amendment to the defense policy bill, and it has bipartisan support, including from Mike Rounds (R), Marco Rubio (R), Kristen Gillibrand (D), Todd Young (R), and Martin Heinrich (D), The Hill reported

Some UAP skeptics have noted that the push for UAP transparency appears to be championed by Republicans, but this is inaccurate. The push for transparency has bipartisan support, but Republicans have been speaking more openly in the news about it over the last couple of weeks. However, Schumer is one of many Democrats who have spoken out about Grusch’s claims. You can read Post Apocalyptic Media’s breakdown of others who have spoken out in our story here

Americans Have a Right To Know About ‘Non-Human Intelligence,’ Schumer Said

In a statement about the proposal, Schumer noted: “The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena,” The Hill reported. “We are not only working to declassify what the government has previously learned about these phenomena but to create a pipeline for future research to be made public.”

Sen. Schumer tweet
Sen. Schumer tweet

Schumer also shared that he wanted to continue Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s legacy when he pushed to fund the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. 

He tweeted the New York Times article and wrote, “I am honored to carry on the legacy of my mentor and dear friend Harry Reid and fight for the transparency that the public has long demanded surrounding these unexplained phenomena.” 

The Measure Creates Multiple Steps Toward Disclosure, Including President Biden’s Involvement

The proposal includes President Joe Biden’s involvement, The New York Times reported. Biden would appoint nine people to a declassification review board, approved by the Senate. The board will be focused on achieving disclosure while also protecting confidential intelligence information that the government does not want disclosed. 

Here’s how it would work: 

  • The National Archives and Records Administration would first create a collection of UAP and UFO records, The Hill reported.
  • After that collection is created, a UAP Records Review Board (an independent agency) would consider if any particular record should have its disclosure delayed, a press statement about the bill noted. 
  • Next, Biden could choose to overturn or concur with the Review Board’s recommendations, the press statement reported. 
  • Each record must be fully disclosed no later than “25 years” after the law is enacted, unless the President seeks continued postponement, according to the press statement. 

The New York Times notes that the “new legislation is modeled on the commission that oversaw the release of information about John F. Kennedy’s assassination.” Unfortunately, both Biden and former President Donald Trump continued to withhold some JFK documents from being declassified. However, it appears the bill is substantially focused on not using national security as an excuse. The press statement about the bill also notes:

“While these stories (about UAPs) have varying levels of credibility, the sheer number and variety has led some in Congress to believe that the Executive Branch was concealing important information regarding UAPs over broad periods of time. Congress recognizes that these records – if they exist – were likely concealed under the good faith goal of protecting national security. However, hiding that information from both Congress and the public at large is simply unacceptable. Our goal is to work cooperatively with the executive branch to responsibly disclose these documents and bring the topic into the public sphere in a process that the American people can trust.”

An additional interesting caveat, according to the press statement, is that the U.S. government would get “eminent domain over any and all recovered technologies of unknown origin (TUO) and biological evidence of non-human intelligence (NHI) that may be controlled by private persons or entities in the interests of the public good.”

Schumer’s move is being interpreted by many UFO enthusiasts as a massive endorsement about UAP research from a major political player. Some even wonder if this could be part of a series of steps that ultimately lead to full disclosure. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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