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How to Watch Attack on Titan’s Final Episode Dub Online for Free

How to stream Attack on Titan's final dub (Crunchyroll)

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Attack on Titan is over. The Season 4 Part 3 Part 2 sub released at the end of last year, and now the dub version is finally here too. Whether you already saw the sub and are just wanting to see what it’s like in the dub format, or you have been waiting to watch the ending until the dub was here, the wait is over. We have all the details on where you can stream online, including links that will let you watch for free. 

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How to Stream Attack on Titan’s ‘Special 2 Finale’ on Crunchyroll (with Free Links)

In a press release sent to Post Apocalyptic Media, Crunchyroll revealed that the English dub for Attack on Titan’s very last episode (called Special 2 in some place) will be dropping on Crunchyroll on Sunday, January 7 at 9 p.m. Pacific time. In other time zones, this is 10 p.m. Mountain, 11 p.m. Central, and 12 a.m. Monday, Jaunary 8, in the Eastern time zone. So the farther east you are in the U.S., the later you’ll need to stay up if you want to watch it right when it drops. 

The dub can be streamed on Crunchyroll at this link. Or you can go directly to the new episode once it’s available at this link

If you want to watch the finale via a free trial on Crunchyroll, then sign up at this linkThe link should let you sign up for a 14-day free trial of the premium membership. This only works if you haven’t had a free trial before. But if that applies to you, then it’s a great way to be able to watch the final “movie” for free. 

To find the episode, just go to that link and then scroll down to the last video, which is labeled S4 E-SP2. It will say Sub/Dub beneath the episode rather than simply “Subtitled” once the dub is available. Here’s how it looks on a dark screen. Just note that you may have to change the dropdown menu to Season 4 on Attack on Titan’s page before you can see it at the very end. 


The episode you’re looking for is the one with the extreme closeup, right after the one with a thumbnail of Hange. 

Crunchyroll’s episodes are available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, LATAM, Middle East, and Russia.

The Dubbed Episode Is Also Available on Toonami, But It’s Not on Hulu

Per the anime’s licensing rights, every Attack on Titan dub airs on Toonami on TV a few hours before it drops on Crunchyroll. But you can only stream it on Toonami’s website if you already have a cable or satellite subscription that includes access to Toonami. If you do, you can watch the dubbed “mini-movie” now. 

Just go to Adult Swim’s page here. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll see the new dubbed episode once it’s available. It will be under Season 4, right after the first finale movie that was called “Ep 29 The Final Chapters Special 1.” The new one should be called “Ep 30 The Final Chapters Special 2.” Interestingly, “Ep 29” is currently available (as of the time this article was published) without needing a cable login. So it’s unclear if the Special 2 will also be available that way, or if you’ll need a login for that one. 

As for Hulu, they won’t have the dub for a long time, even though they got the sub at the same time that Crunchyroll did. That’s because the anime dub licensing rights are different than they are for the sub. According to Hulu’s January 2024 schedule, Attack on Titan isn’t even listed. 

In summary: the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 English dub can be streamed now on Toonami if you happen to have a cable or satellite subscription. Otherwise, you can watch it late Sunday night or anytime thereafter on Crunchyroll at this link (or sign up for a free trial here.)

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