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How to Stream Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

FTWD Season 8

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It’s been almost a full year since the last episode of FTWD’s 7th season, and fans are really excited to know what will happen with Morgan and Madison, not to mention all of the other storylines in the series. Season 8 premieres May 14th on AMC and AMC+. Here’s how to stream Fear The Walking Dead Season 8.

Stream Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC

The eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on May 14, and if you are a subscriber to AMC+, you will be able to watch the premiere anytime you please beginning on that day. Most new episodes of Fear and The Walking Dead were available to AMC+ Early Access subscribers a week in advance of their cable release, after midnight Pacific Time on Sundays. The eighth season debut of Fear the Walking Dead will take place every Thursday on AMC+, followed by a Sunday airing on AMC. Not exactly a full week in advance, but better than nothing! It seemed for a little while that AMC+ would not air the episodes a week in advance, but several websites such as Fansided has confirmed it.

The Walking Dead Season 8

It would have been nice for AMC to have clearer explanations on its website!

In December 2021, the series was renewed for an eighth season. Upon the renewal announcement, it was confirmed that Kim Dickens, who portrayed the primary character for the first four seasons, would return as a series regular for the eighth season, having previously appeared as a guest star in the seventh. It was announced in January 2023 that the eighth and final season would consist of 12 episodes divided into two six-episode segments.

Where Else Can I Stream Fear The Walking Dead Season 8?

You can also stream FTWD on Amazon Prime Video and YoutubeTV with an AMC+ subscription (including a brief free trial). Check if this is an option for you. The program is also accessible via Hulu, Sling, Roku, and other streaming services. If you have a subscription with one of these services, make sure to look it up so you don’t miss Season 8!

The Walking Dead Season 8

What Can We Expect in the New Season?

In season 8 of this terrifying post-apocalyptic world depicted in The Walking Dead, based on the graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman, the survivors must once again continue battling for their lives. PADRE’s cynical rule is being enforced on the island where Morgan, Madison, and the others who they brought there are living. The mission that Morgan and Madison set out on in the first place — to find Morgan’s daughter, Mo — is the only one that can rekindle their hope for a better world at this point, when our protagonists have lost all hope and are feeling hopeless.

Speaking of Morgan, the official Twitter account for FTWD asks; what’s your favorite Morgan era? It’s a super difficult one to chose! There were so many great ones!

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