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Alone Season 10, Finale Recap and Review

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Episode 11 of History Channel’s Alone, Season 10, takes place over Days 53-66. Three contestants remain at the start of the episode. 

This is a recap and review of episode 11, the finale!

Spoilers to follow!



On Day 54, Mikey is eating snow, not realizing that it burns a lot of calories (which, to be fair, is something you’d only know if snow is a regular part of the climate where you live). He heads to the lake to get water and is blown away that you have to break the ice to get some. He’s having trouble keeping warm, leading to worries of hypothermia.

The next day, Mikey lies in his shelter, pointing out that it’s so cold there is ice inside of it. The safety and survival team comes to check on Mikey. He has lost sensation in his toes and other body parts and can’t get his boots on. It’s heartbreaking to see, but Mikey has to tap out because he knows he can’t go on without hurting himself. 

Despite his deep dissatisfaction with himself, Mikey is able to look at the way the experience has changed him. Given his lack of experience with cold weather survival, it’s a testament to Mikey’s skills and fortitude that he made it as far as he did. 


If Mikey’s story touched you, you might be happy to know that there is a GoFundMe to help him obtain the funds for his son’s Autism programs.



On day 53, Alan talks about how he keeps forgetting things. He explains that he has enough food for day 70 but worries about the med check. He’s decided to stay in his shelter until he absolutely has to leave. 

Two days later, Alan can’t wait to go ice fishing. He makes snowshoes that will help. He talks about wanting to experience the adventure to the fullest extent (but we know that’s code for fishing).

On day 57, Alan explains how weak he feels and how his urine is orange (which means dehydration). He snowshoes out to the ice and begins to fish. He doesn’t catch anything. 

On day 60, Alan is inside his teepee for most of the day, and the boredom is messing with his head. 



Wyatt, chipper as always, is smoking some of his fillets on his chimney and chopping wood on day 53. He explains Canadian Remembrance Day and acknowledges how there are some horrific aspects of Canada’s history (specifically regarding the treatment Indigenous peoples). He explains that while he’s proud of his country today, acknowledging the negatives of the past are how we learn from it. He relates this to his personal problems with alcohol and how he’s learned from his addiction.

The next day, Wyatt heads to his gillnet. It’s so slippery he almost falls in trying to pull it out so that no fish get trapped and die needlessly. 

The day after that, as he builds an ice ladder, Wyatt talks about ice fishing on the Nottawasaga River in Ontario with his grandfather, and how he’s fallen through ice before. After fishing for some time, he doesn’t catch anything. 

On day 58, Wyatt plans to reset his gillnet in the lake through a hole. He cuts a trough in the ice and sets his poles and nets. 

As he sits in his shelter, he realizes he’s lost a toenail. He hears something, thinking it’s just ice, but his shelter is on fire (again). He manages to put it out. He realizes he needs to stay up all night because he needs the fire for heat but also can’t risk it burning down his shelter. 

On day 60, Wyatt checks his gillnet to find nothing. He manages to swat a small mouse with his hand, though! 


The Final Days 

On days 61-62, both men are so cold they stay inside. On day 63, Wyatt shows us the lake, where the ice is chopped up by waves. He still has fish, so he cooks a fillet. He talks about how being on the show has helped him bury some demons.  

The next day, Wyatt checks out the sunrise and says that he’s accomplished what he intended to do and the money would have been nice but his life is great without it. He calls and taps out. I’m so proud a fellow Ontarian made it to day 64!

Next, we find Alan, on day 66, appearing to be passed out. But he sits up in preparation for the med check. He takes off his shirt to show how much weight he’s lost, and, to be honest, I don’t think his wife is going to complain about dem abs.  

As he gets the med check, his wife, Lisa, sneaks up from the woods. He explains to the camera that he wants to go home and that he misses his wife. As he talks about Doritos, Lisa appears behind him. Of course, he’s ecstatic to see her, though it takes him a minute to clue in that he’s won!

She asks him what his favourite part was, and, on top of the owl he saw, it’s, of course, the fishing! 

Congratulations to Alan for sticking it out and winning Season 10 of Alone!


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