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Where is Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

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Fear The Walking Dead‘s last episode aired on November 19th, and if you’re looking for any new episodes, you’re in for a surprise. With the conclusion of episode 12, the excitement for the upcoming episode 13 of FTWD is high. Yet, prepare yourself, as the following information may not be as uplifting as you might expect.

Where is Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13?


Season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead comprised 12 episodes, a deliberate choice in line with the show’s concluding approach. This decision aligned with the January 2023 announcement that Season 8 would mark the spin-off’s final chapter. The season was structured with 12 episodes, split into two parts, each containing 6 episodes. This means that, unfortunately, there won’t be an episode 13. Or a season 9. AMC+ subscribers who have enrolled in the series may need to find an alternative new show to get hooked on.

Like the new Rick and Michonne spin-off, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

Some Trivia (Spoilers ahead!)

For those who have seen the last episode, here is some trivia about season 8 you might be interested in learning. Spoilers ahead!

  • According to IMDB, the track featured in the closing scene is “Mama Tried,” composed and performed by Merle Haggard (1937-2016). Recorded with his backing group, The Strangers, on May 9, 1968, the song was officially released on a 45 RPM single by Capitol Records (record number 2219) on July 22, 1968;
  • Madison removes the spouts from the gas containers, causing them to leak. She then positions herself behind a metal door with an open slot. After lighting a flare, she tosses it through the slot, triggering a gas explosion. However, in reality, a gas explosion of such scale would deplete the oxygen in the vicinity. Madison’s survival would be impossible,as she would likely have suffocated due to the oxygen depletion caused by the explosion. It is also noted that before throwing the flair, Madison puts the oxygen mask on that’s been assisting her with her breathing through the season;
  • Fear the Walking Dead
    AMC: Fear the Walking Dead

    Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg conclude their tenure as showrunners for Fear the Walking Dead with this current season;

  • Danay Garcia, known for her role as Luciana Galvez, marked her directorial debut by helming the seventh episode of the current season;
  • Lennie James has officially confirmed that this season marks his final portrayal of Morgan in Fear the Walking Dead;
  • The current season introduces a significant seven-year time-skip, making it the most substantial temporal leap in the series. This surpasses the previous record held by the two-year gap between “Sleigh Ride” and “What’s Your Story?” and stands as the most extensive time-skip in the TV Universe, surpassing the six-year jump depicted in “What Comes After.”

And if you feel nostalgic after watching the last episode, here is a reminder of how that final scene went. Grab your tissues (again!)

Did you find that the last episode tied some ends for you?

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