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Journalist: Government Rushing UFO Disclosure Due to ‘Constraint of Time’

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Journalist Ross Coulthart, who was one of the first to interview whistleblower David Grusch about his UFO allegations, believes there may be a bigger reason behind the sudden apparent push toward UAP disclosure. In a recent podcast, he hinted about time constraints that might be playing a role in what appears to be a rush by certain government officials to reveal more about UAPs. 

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Coulthart Said the Government Is Moving to Expedite Disclosure Due to Time Constraints 

In his recent podcast, “Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel,” Coulthart made an interesting observation that UFO enthusiasts are taking notice of. The moment starts at about 13:00 in the video below.


During their podcast, Bryce Zabel first brings up the theory of “controlled disclosure,” which would imply the government is involved in all the disclosure steps we’re seeing so far. At about 13:00 into the video, Zabel shared that he has some concerns about the whole thing. 

“There seems to be a rush to now try to talk about it, so after years and years and years, decades and decades and decades, where this has all been kind of pushed aside and nobody dared speak the word alien or extraterrestrial, let alone non-human intelligence, now they’re all starting to do it, and they’re doing it fast,” he opined.

Then Zabel continued.

“And they’re talking about hearings… that are coming up fast… And the only thing I can think of is there’s got to be a reason why the powers that be in Washington D.C. are starting to say we need to actually say the words out loud and we need to get language in right now to get this taken care of,” Zabel added. 

He then presented Coulthart with a question. 

“I’m concerned Ross, that at the end of the day, the only thing that would make a politician do that … is that there’s some bad news involved in this,” Zabel said. “I don’t know exactly what that is, and I know that you don’t know exactly what it is… but Chuck Schumer was and has been a cautious man in many cases, and I don’t think he’d be talking about … if he didn’t think there was a fire behind his back pushing him to do so.” 

Coulthart had an interesting response to that question. He said: 

“OK, so look, I’ve got a pretty clear idea of what the government knows. And I can understand why they’re moving to expedite. Yes, there is a constraint of time. The government knows that it really does have to tell the truth to the public after years of treating this subject with derision and ridicule…”

Coulthart then segued into talking about a New York Times article that he felt didn’t treat the subject with the soberness required, and didn’t even mention Grusch by name. 

Then he returned to the subject, adding: “This legislation is a clear statement by some of the most powerful people in the Congress that there is now to be a controlled disclosure of the reality of UAPs. It’s not speculative, it’s not vampires, it’s not fantasy. You’ve got to get with it debunkers. This is real… There is a reality here that is driving and informing what all of these senior senators are doing.” 

What Is Driving Disclosure?

Ross Coulthart on the Need to Know podcast.
Ross Coulthart on the Need to Know podcast.

Of course, that leaves us with a question. What is driving the disclosure? What are the time constraints? 

On Reddit, UFO enthusiasts have numerous ideas and hypotheses. 

In one discussion, suggestions included another country being further along than us in reverse-engineering UAP technology. Others suggested that maybe there is a war coming up where the U.S. will have to use its reverse-engineered technology, so it needs to come out and admit the source of the tech. 

Another suggested that it was simply whistleblowers ready to speak out. They posited that the government needs to speak out, or the whistleblowers will do it for them. This seems the most likely explanation, as even during a disclosure event by Dr. Steven Greer, it was mentioned that some people are tired of waiting and are ready to make a move if the government doesn’t. 

Others have suggested that perhaps aliens are coming to visit on a specific date (even if not for nefarious purposes), and the government wants to get ahead of that. 

Still others have suggested that perhaps it’s simple due to President Joe Biden’s tenure coming to a close and wanting to get the information out while he’s still President. 

Others have hypothesized it might be due to climate change and NHI stepping in before things get worse. 

Still others have pointed out that the National Security Act of 1947 was enacted on July 26, 1947, exactly 76 years from the date of the House UFO hearing. There are also some interesting rules about declassification in the United States. Executive Order 13526 has timelines for declassification, including a required declassification on December 31 of the 75th year if specific information wasn’t requested and approved exemption five years prior. Some people have pointed out that Roswell was 76 years ago, however, which means declassification would have already happened on December 13, 2022 if it was going to. 

Whatever the case, we’ll likely learn more during the House UFO hearing.

During the “Need to Know” podcast, Zabel added that when he wrote a book about disclosure with Richard Dolan, called “After Disclosure,(note: this is an affiliate link) he was trying to understand “what’s the trigger … towards some kind of disclosure.” He said they posited it could start with something small and then “avalanche” over time. Zabel then said that right now, we’re seeing “an avalanche building toward disclosure.”

Zabel doesn’t think it’s likely that the forward motion we’re seeing now is going to stop, and the hearings will play a big role. 

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