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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of March 2-8

YouTube Round-up

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This week’s YouTube Round-up features some goodies, including a book review, behind the scenes on The Last of Us, and more!

The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of March 2-8

Lamar Johnson on The Last Of Us and post apocalyptic movies
Lamar Johnson, who played Henry in The Last of Us episodes 4 and 5, discusses his experience on the show, what it was like filming with those creepy clickers, and some of his own favorite post-apocalyptic movies.

Moonchild (1994 Post Apocalyptic Werewolf Movie) Review (Visual Vengeance Blu-ray) Todd Sheets
Vampire Mike does a review of a classic movie (from all the way back in 1994!) about a post-apocalyptic werewolf that was a result of some wacky experimentation. The movie is called Moonchild, but Mike says he wasn’t too impressed with it. Check out the full review for more of his opinion.

Top 10 Things You Missed in The Last of Us Episode 8
If you’ve seen the latest episode of The Last of Us (episode 8), this video from WatchMojo is a great companion to make sure you haven’t missed a thing. But if you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned that this has major spoilers.

Mad Muppets Furry Road Post apocalyptic Film
I’m a sucker for these post-apocalyptic AI art mash-ups. This one is a gorgeous rendition of a post-apocalyptic Muppets movie. Am I the only one who wants this to be a real thing?

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