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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of February 9-15


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This week’s post-apocalyptic round-up includes some game reviews, an audiobook, a scale model, and more!

The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of February 9-15

Oblivion Override – The Sleeper Post Apocalyptic Roguelike to Watch
SplatterCat takes a look at this post-apocalyptic roguelike that he says is similar to games like Dead Cells. The demo of Oblivion Override is currently available on Steam, so you can check it out for yourself, but this game looks like it’s worth a shot!

Infection Free Zone | Post Apocalyptic Zombie Sim
If you’re tired of first-person zombie sims, try out this isometric game where you build a town and protect it from hordes of zombies. Into the Breach takes a look at this game so you can see if it looks like something you’d like to play yourself.

Adventures in Clothing | A System Apocalypse LitRPG short story | Post-apocalyptic LitRPG Gamelit
The System Apocalypse is an audiobook written by Tao Wong and narrated by Stephanie Dillard. While I usually stay away from audiobooks on YouTube (because so many of them are stolen from the authors), this is legit, straight from the publisher: Starlit Publishing. It’s not even an hour long, so this could be considered a novella or short story.

Post Apocalyptic Pontiac GTO Update 3 Gatling Gun (Revell 69 Pontiac GTO Judge)
The 1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” is one of my all-time favorite muscle cars, and I was excited to see a scale model of it being turned into a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic car. While the model isn’t completely finished in this video, it still has some great tips for those scale modelers out there looking to build more post-apocalyptic kits.

Things You Missed in The Last of Us Episode 5
Once again, I’ve included WatchMojo’s weekly look at the latest episode of The Last of Us. And as they warn you at the beginning of the video, this one contains major spoilers if you haven’t seen Episode 5 or played the games yet.

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