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Journalist: Aerospace Company May Be Trying to Sell Its UFO

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From the moment whistleblower David Grusch revealed to journalist Ross Coulthart and The Debrief that he believes the U.S. has a clandestine UAP retrieval program, new updates have been coming non-stop. Now, Coulthart says he’s heard that an aerospace company may be trying to get rid of a UFO it has in its possession. 

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An Aerospace Company Is Trying to ‘Divest Itself’ of a UFO, Coulthart Said

Screenshot from The Good Trouble interview with Ross Coulthart
Screenshot from The Good Trouble interview with Ross Coulthart

In an interview with the Good Trouble Show on June 29, Coulthart dropped a lot of interesting updates about UAPs, including the news that an aerospace company may be trying to get rid of a UFO that it has in its possession. 

“I will tell you that I am aware of at least one aerospace company that is actively making moves to try to divest itself — allegedly — of one craft that it possesses,” Coulthart shared. 

It’s worth noting that he didn’t clarify if “divest” means giving away the UAP craft, gifting it, or selling it. The context of the word could go in any of those directions. He went on to note that aerospace companies should be free to do what they want with UAP craft the government gave them, since he had heard that there were no active contracts dictating limitations to their rights. 

Coulthart said: “And if you think about it, think about the legal implications. Have a read of the legislation. If you’re an aerospace company and you’ve divested yourself of an object that you’ve had possession of for 60 or 70 years, are you then legally obliged to reveal that all this time, you’ve secretly been holding it? This is the really interesting thing…”

Some People in Silicon Valley Are Upset that Companies Are Getting Special UFO Treatment, Coulthart Noted

Coulthart continued, talking about how messy the issue is becoming. 

“I think that what’s happening at the moment inside private aerospace — and this is why there’s a need frankly for the government to take leadership on this, because this could get really messy,” he told The Good Trouble show. “…Let’s just say these allegations are correct and a private aerospace company was gifted technology 50, 60, 70 years ago — and that technology is still in their possession and they’ve been spending billions of dollars trying to develop it. On what basis can the government assert any kind of property right? … Frankly if you’re an aerospace company and you were given this, there was no commercial contract signed between you and the government at the time — and I’m told there wasn’t — and if essentially all you’re doing is quietly accounting every now and then to some faceless general for what you’re up to and showing them the latest tests of the technology, on what legal basis can the state assert any kind of property right over that technology?”

Coulthart went on to comment about how some companies did their own UFO retrievals over the years. 

“And moreover if, as I understand, there have been private aerospace companies that have done retrievals of their own, involving private military contractors, without government involvement, on what legal basis can the government dictate to a private corporation that it has any right to know about that intellectual property?…” he asked. “…This is why this is a big issue.”

He added that he had heard that some Silicon Valley entities were angry about certain companies getting special treatment from the government when it comes to allegedly obtaining UFO technology.

“…There are people, especially in Silicon Valley, who are aware of the alleged vesting of technology in certain aerospace companies, including Lockheed Martin by the way, let’s not beat around the bush, let’s name them…” Coulthart said. “And people are aware of the fact that companies like Lockheed Martin were vested technology 60, 70 years ago, and they’re pissed, they’re angry, because why should the government be giving favorable treatment to a private corporation?”

Interestingly, Lockheed Martin recently published a look back at 80 years of innovation with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, and noted at the end: “Of course, there are programs that we can’t share…yet.”

You can watch the full interview with Coulthart on The Good Trouble Show here.

Multiple Firsthand Accounts Are Corroborating Grusch

Earlier this month, whistleblower Grusch made a number of claims that he said came from credible, reputable sources with firsthand knowledge about a clandestine UFO retrieval program. The claims included that:

  • The U.S. has been recovering fragments and intact vehicles from non-human intelligence (NHIs) for decades.
  • He provided Congress with “hours of recorded classified information” in 2022.
  • The Intelligence Community Inspector General found his claims “credible and urgent” in 2022. 
  • Multiple agencies were “nesting” UAP activities in “conventional secret access programs without appropriate reporting to various oversight authorities.” 
  • He described this as a “Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material” between “near-peer adversaries.” 

Senator Marco Rubio told NewsNation reporter Joe Khalil that others with firsthand knowledge have corroborated many of Grusch’s claims.

“I will say there are people who have come forward to share information with our committee over the last couple of years,” Rubio acknowledged. “I would imagine some of them are potentially some of the same people that perhaps he’s (Grusch’s) referring to. I want to be very protective of these people. A lot of these people came to us even before these protections were into law for whistleblowers to come forward.”

(You can read more about what Rubio said in our story here.)

Based on what Grusch and Coulthart are sharing — and which unnamed people are verifying — we may be looking at a major disclosure event in the near future. 

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