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What Time is the Alone Season 10 Finale

Alone Season 10 finale

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The time to declare the winner of one of the most brutal competitions on TV has come. History’s Alone is in its 10th season and it’s been entertaining the whole time. Fans of the show are eager to find out who will come out of this as the best survivor this season. But at what time is the Alone season 10 finale airing? Let’s take a closer look!

Alone Season 10 Finale Airs Tonight on History

Mikey, Wyatt, and Alan will compete for the final spot tonight on History. You’ll be able to tune in at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central.

The trio of resilient survivalists are mentally and physically preparing for the ultimate showdown as they approach the final stretch of their challenging journey. Among them, one of the participants is grappling with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of maintaining warmth in their harsh environment. Meanwhile, the others are taking daring gambles on the treacherous ice, demonstrating their unwavering determination to emerge victorious. They are pushing their bodies and minds to absolute extremes, showcasing their unbreakable resolve in the face of adversity. It’s a test of endurance, courage, and sheer determination as they vie for the coveted reward of $500,000, a prize that stands as a testament to their unmatched perseverance.

Alone season 10 finale

Ultimately, among these courageous contenders who have battled the elements and their own limitations, only a single individual will emerge triumphant, securing the substantial prize and earning the well-deserved recognition as the ultimate survivor.

What is Alone Season 10 About?

The synopsis of the show talks about a new milestone, the 10th season. Alone is set to unleash a fresh cohort of courageous contenders who will be taken to their absolute limits. These determined participants will harness their remarkable survival expertise, engaging in an intense battle to outlast their peers and seize the grand prize of $500,000 in cash. Plunged into the unforgiving wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada—a region inhabited by formidable predators such as territorial black bears, wolves, and moose—the ten adept survivalists will go head-to-head, confronting bone-chilling temperatures and confronting some of North America’s largest wildlife, all in pursuit of enduring for the longest possible duration.

Alone Season 10 finale
History: Alone Season 10 finale

Equipped with only ten essential survival items each and a sufficient array of camera equipment to autonomously document their remarkable journeys, this season promised to be the most rigorous and demanding yet in the history of the series. Dispelling any notions of camera crews or staged theatrics, “Alone” continues to epitomize an unadulterated test of the human spirit and determination, solidifying its position as the ultimate trial of human resolve.

You can check out the full cast and their bios on History’s page and learn more about all participants of this season.

The preview of tonight’s episode promises a lot of pain… and fire. Who do you think will win? Tina’s predictions go as follows: “Wyatt’s ahead because of his food stores, and Mikey has the determination to continue. I think Alan will go first, because fishing seems to be what motivates him and if he can’t do that he likely will lose all motivation. That will leave a showdown between Wyatt and Mikey. As much as I think Wyatt deserves to win, Mikey’s heartbreaking story really makes me hope he’ll outstay everyone else.”

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