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Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9: Recap and Review

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Can there ever be “too much apocalypse?” 

This is a review and recap for “Snowpiercer” Season 3 Episode 9, “A Beacon for Us All.” Spoilers below! 


Rescue and Recovery 

After a short prologue by Ben, we are shown that Melanie is indeed inside the scaler car and has kept herself alive (for 172 days!) with suspension drugs as she searched for Snowpeircer. 

In the present, while Layton attempts to lull Liana to sleep, the engineers locate Mel’s scaler. Given she’s in suspension, she can’t slow the scaler or reply to their hails, so they elect to hijack it. Using another seemingly random piece of equipment Wilford has installed on his train, a hoist, Josie swings over to the scaler and attaches the chains. This enables them to scoop up the scaler and bring it inside. Is Snowpericer just a giant Batman-esque utility belt? 


Three days later, Melanie wakes up to have a nice reunion with Alex and Ben, is stricken by Javi’s scars, and engages in a rather terse conversation with Layton about lying to the passengers. 


The Party  

While Melanie is recovering, Roche and Ruth decide that Snowpeircer needs to let off steam (train joke!), and they decide to have a party to commemorate the last time they will see the Pyramids. 

Before and during the party, drama unfolds within the train.


Till and Audrey 

We start the episode with Till waking up with Audrey in her bed. She asks her whether their “healing” session hinted at a deeper connection. Audrey admits that she feels the same way, but Till is called away to help with the train hoist before they get can deeper into it. 

Later, Till (adorably) asks Audrey to attend the party with her, but Audrey admits she’s not ready to face the group based on her being, well, a traitor? 

Till decides to pull out all the stops and takes Audrey on their own date to the old night car. She turns on music, dances … she puts on all the moves. It works! But before they can let off stream (not the kind Ruth and Roche intended), Mel’s announcement ruins the mood. 


Oz and LJ

While Till is getting her nerve, Oz finally realizes something is up with his wife. He wants to accompany her “on a walk,” but she tells him, “don’t be smothery,” and takes off. Oz follows her, witnessing her take a vial from Dr. Headwood. Back at home, he sees her give the vial to the head Janitor (a known Wilford supporter). When he accuses her of putting them at risk, she begins to seduce him but turns it into a threat, complete with “don’t think I won’t sacrifice what I love to get what I want.” Oz is quite over his head, and not just when it comes to butterfly knife skills. 


Layton, Ben, and Josie 

Ben advises Layton to tell Josie how he feels. Layton takes this advice, dropping an “I love you” followed by “I should have told you sooner but … too much apocalypse.” Josie claims she loves him back but can’t be with him right now. Her reaction was initially a surprise to me, but Josie has played second fiddle to both Zara and Mel, so she’s not ready to be such to Layton’s political career too. You can’t get burned if you don’t shovel the coal into the firebox (I can only blame this awful train joke on “too much apocalypse”). 



The party starts for Melanie with her bonding with Alex as they dress for the party, but quickly turns into a discussion about how dangerous the journey to New Eden is. Melanie doesn’t believe the risks outweigh the potential reward. Alex throws the facts right back at her, but Melanie is not convinced. 

As such, she tries to convince Layton at the party to come clean and stop the journey. When he refuses, she makes an announcement over the intercom, telling everyone the truth. Way to ruin the party, Mel.

In the chaos that ensues, she takes over Snowpeircer’s engine room with Javi by her side. 



And, of course, we can’t forget old Sean Bean. We knew that poison had to be going somewhere, and, of course, it falls into Wilford’s hands. He somehow laced his cigars with the poison, which he hands out to the guards, killing them. He then escapes. 


The Aftermath 

It is no longer a two-party system on Snowpiercer! We have Melanie, Wilford, and Layton all vying for control, setting up for a hopefully very exciting, and bloody, finale next week. 

Who will come out on top? 

Will Till and Audrey pick up where they left off?

Where did Sykes go? 

Will Snowpiercer make it to New Eden? 

Who will Alex choose to side with?  

It’s likely someone will die, but who? 


“Don’t be smothery,” everyone!

The Season 3 finale airs on March 28 / 29!

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