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How to Stream Alone Season 10 Online: Is It on YouTube?

Alone season 10

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The moment survivalist enthusiasts have been waiting for has finally come, and Alone season 10 is just about to hit our screens. After what felt like an eternity, contestants are coming back to show their know-it-all of survival world in an attempt to win $500,000. Episode 1 of the tenth season is dropping tomorrow, June 8th, at 9PM ET/8 Central. The show will air on History, but what about YouTube? Let’s take a look at the details below.

Is Alone Season 10 going to stream on YouTube?

Unfortunately, full episodes of Alone are not accessible on YouTube. However, the official History YouTube channel offers a few clips highlighting moments from multiple seasons. The absence of full episodes on YouTube is likely due to the fact that the primary distributors of the series are Discovery+ and The History Channel.

To enjoy full episodes of Alone, subscribing to Discovery+ is a recommended option. This subscription-based service provides access not only to Alone, but also to a wide range of channels such as History, HGTV, TLC, and many more. Another alternative for streaming your favorite shows, including Alone, is Sling. For viewers in Canada, Stack is available as an additional streaming option.

Alone Season 10
High School Teacher Alan Tenta, Alone Season 10 Contestant

Where is Alone Season 10 taking place?

In Season 10 of Alone, ten individuals are poised to embark on an extraordinary expedition deep within the formidable wilds of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Renowned for its merciless inhabitants, including territorial black bears, wolves, and moose, this unforgiving terrain sets the stage for an epic showdown of endurance. Armed with a mere ten survival items each, these contestants must confront bone-chilling temperatures and confront some of North America’s most imposing creatures, all while striving to outlast their fellow participants.

Alone epitomizes the ultimate test of human resolve, as these audacious individuals navigate treacherous landscapes, adapt to hostile conditions, and confront their deepest fears head-on. From constructing shelters to sourcing sustenance and water, every decision holds the key to their survival. Against the backdrop of Northern Saskatchewan’s harsh wilderness, these ten competitors will experience the exhilaration of triumph and the anguish of defeat.

As the season unfolds, viewers will bear witness to the extraordinary lengths the human spirit can endure, as the survivalists battle nature’s harshest elements. Will they conquer their fears and outlast their rivals, or will the relentless challenges prove insurmountable? 

Prince Albert Saskatchewan
Prince Albert, Northern Saskatchewan

What is Northern Saskatchewan Like?

Northern Saskatchewan presents an array of formidable challenges for those who venture into its wild and untamed landscapes, which is going to be a task in itself for this season’s contestants. The region’s below freezing temperatures test the limits of human endurance, demanding unwavering resilience and adaptability. Its dense forests conceal territorial black bears, wolves, and moose, adding an element of danger to every step taken. The rugged terrain, with its vast expanses and treacherous swamps, presents navigational obstacles that can easily lead astray even the most experienced adventurers. Access to resources such as food and water becomes a constant struggle, requiring ingenious survival skills. Surviving in this harsh environment necessitates a unique blend of physical stamina, mental fortitude, and resourcefulness. 

All in all, we can expect a season filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense!

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