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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of February 2 – 8

Mario Pascal

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This week’s YouTube round-up features lots of deep theorycrafting for writers, a couple short films, more from The Last of Us episode 4, and more!

An Oral History of The Post Apocalypse
This is a great look at how fascinated we are with the post-apocalyptic fantasy and how many times we’ve come close to celebrating this fantasy in real life. The host goes all the way back to Mary Shelley’s The Last Man to tell viewers just how long we’ve been fascinated with the end of the world. I’d argue that it goes way, way back befgore that, but that’s a good starting point for media, at least. Give this one a watch if you’re into history and theorycrafting our favorite genre.

Building a post apocalyptic society in a fantasy world
Host Marie takes a look at post-apocalyptic worlds from a writer’s perspective, describing some wonderful pointers on how to craft that perfect post-apocalyptic story by paying attention to how fantasy stories are written.

“Lone Wolf” | GTA 5 Post Apocalyptic Short Film
GTA V is certainly one of my all-time favorite games, so I was excited to see a short film (or machinima, in this case) made entirely in the 10-year-old game.

A man survives a Post apocalyptic Alien Wasteland | DUSK: Chapter One
Ken Edwards wrote and directed this short post-apocalyptic film that was shot entirely in Nigeria. It does feature that same old “lone man surviving the wasteland” trope that is in so many short films, but the change of scenery is welcome.

Musical journey: Post Apocalypse
This one is basically a slide show with eerily upbeat music behind it, but the imagery is all post-apocalyptic and created in Midjourney.

Things You Missed in The Last of Us Episode 4
I love to feature these Watchmojo wrap-ups for The Last of Us, but as always, I want to stress the fact that this video contains major spoilers for episode 4. But if you’ve already seen the episode, this video will help you find those little tidbits you may have missed while watching it.

HBO Mario Kart Trailer – SNL
And I saved the best for last! SNL may not be funny anymore, but they sure know how to make fake trailers for movies we really want to see! Take, for example, this fake trailer for a post-apocalyptic Mario Kart movie starring Pedro Pascal. Yes, please!

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