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Alone Season 10, Episode 10 Recap and Review

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Episode 10 of History Channel’s Alone, Season 10, takes place over Days 45-51. Three contestants remain at the start of the episode. 

This is a recap and review of episode 10.

Spoilers to follow!



We start off day 45 with Mikey showing us a snowman he made for his son. Afterward, he goes hunting but can’t find any trails. He admits he’s at a disadvantage not being used to the snow. He’s lost 67 pounds so far (but came in at 300).

On day 47, Mikey catches two “rats,” one of which he sews to make a taxidermied version. He explains his financial and work situation, arguing that if he can make it at home, he can make it on Alone

Mikey boils some reindeer moss on day 49, pretending it’s both sauerkraut and Mini Wheats. He shows off the wood he’s carved to make his wife a mortar and pestle. He talks about his wife and how much he misses her, and how she had to quit her job to take care of their son. As he sits, a marten runs by. He chases it with his bow, but it gets away. He gives himself an angry pep talk afterwards.

When he gets back to his shelter, he finds his stuffed rats and gut-can have been taken. He’s even more frustrated than before. 

On day 51, Mikey sings happy birthday to his son. He shows off the toys he made for him. It makes him think of his own father, who went to jail when Mikey was two. He’s afraid of Mikey missing him in the same way. He breaks down, but he’s banking so much on winning to make things better for his family that he refuses to quit. 



On day 46, the snow has melted, and Wyatt checks his gillnet. As he walks, he talks about how focus is needed in this stage of the competition. He manages to catch a whitefish. He explains how when he was a kid he was outdoorsy, and, because he was alone a lot, he began drinking at 14. He says that he’s doing the competition to gain perspective and help himself forgive himself for some choices he made in his life. 

On day 49, Wyatt explains that because he has 8 fillets stored, he can eat more of them each day. He talks about his alcoholism again and how he hopes nature can help him heal. He catches another fish, a massive pike, in his gillnet. 

The next day, Wyatt enters the snowy woods to obtain firewood (50 logs) for his 24-hour fire. In the night, he’s awoken at 9:30 to find his chimney on fire.

He manages to put it out.

The next day, when it’s -1 Fahreneit (-18 C), he has to brave the cold to inspect and reinforce his chimney. He explains how most of his skills come from his dad’s teachings. 



On day 46, Alan shows off how much he’s lost (53 pounds). Given the slight melt, Alan, big surprise, goes fishing. He manages to catch one and is just as excited this time as he was when he caught his first fish on Alone. When he cuts through the fish, though, he finds it has white cysts all over the organs (tapeworm larvae).

As he’s gutting the fish, he thinks about wanting to go home. He eats the fish after overcooking it.

On Day 49,  Alan explains that he was shivering in the night. Despite the freezing temperatures, he goes … fishing. Because his hands are cold, he drops his spool in the water. He has a spare spool, at least, and gets the original back, but it freaks him out. 

On day 50, Alan shows off the snow and then, as usual, goes fishing. The place he normally fishes is covered in black ice. He talks about how he took notes on the previous seasons and studied tactics.

Given he can’t catch anything, he decides to eat his stores.    


As this was the penultimate episode, I had expected that someone would leave, but it appears the final few days will be a battle between three men. Wyatt’s ahead because of his food stores, and Mikey has the determination to continue. I think Alan will go first, because fishing seems to be what motivates him and if he can’t do that he likely will lose all motivation. That will leave a showdown between Wyatt and Mikey. As much as I think Wyatt deserves to win, Mikey’s heartbreaking story really makes me hope he’ll outstay everyone else. 


The last episode airs on Aug 17, 2023, on History Channel and StackTV.

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