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Fugal’s Proof Disproves Kirkpatrick’s Denial of Secret Skinwalker Ranch Meeting

Brandon Fugal of Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel)

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A social media battle has been quietly happening between a former director of the federal government’s UFO task force and the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch. Sean Kirkpatrick, who recently stepped down as director of AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office), has made statements that Brandon Fugal, the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch, proved weren’t true. 

Fugal claimed that Kirkpatrick attended a briefing on Skinwalker Ranch back in 2018 — a briefing where Kirkpatrick allegedly admitted that the people there were already aware of the “reality” of UFO phenomena. Kirkpatrick said he didn’t recall the meeting and thought Fugal was mistaken. But Fugal had receipts in the form of photos with metadata showing Kirkpatrick was not being up front in his claims. 

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Fugal Said Kirkpatrick Was at a Meeting Discussing Skinwalker Ranch Back in 2018, Where One of the Leaders Said Everyone There Was ‘Well Aware of the Reality’ of UFOs 

The social media battle began when Steven Greenstreet referred to an interview he had with Brandon Fugal about a 2018 Skinwalker Ranch briefing in Washington, D.C.

(Greenstreet is an activist journalist who notes in his X bio that his focus is “debunking UFOs” who sometimes ridicules aspects of the UFO disclosure movement. For example, his May 23 tweet referred to UAP sightings as “alien space monsters.” He also referred to Rep. Tim Burchett’s push for disclosure as a way to “spend taxpayer resources pursuing debunked claims of alien space monsters.” However, some of AARO’s debunkings have been openly criticized by a number of experts.) 

Despite Greenstreet’s skepticism, he did facilitate an intriguing back-and-forth discussion between Kirkpatrick and Fugal.

It began with Greenstreet looking back at an interview with Fugal where he talked about briefing military and political officials about Skinwalker Ranch in 2018 in D.C.

In his interview, at the 15:21 mark, Fugal recalls a man “at the end of the table” who told Fugal that everyone there was “very well aware of the reality of the UFO phenomenon. So please dispense with any part of your presentation that would seek to convince us of the reality because we already know.” 

Greenstreet’s video goes on to note that another source revealed the quote came from Sean Kirkpatrick. 

Fugal has since confirmed that Kirkpatrick did in fact lead that meeting and was at the “head of the table.”

Kirkpatrick Said He Had No Involvement in UFOs Prior to AARO, But the 2018 Meeting Indicates Otherwise

This quote went viral because Kirkpatrick has publicly said he had no interest or involvement in UFOs prior to being the director of AARO. And Kirkpatrick also denied what Fugal said about the meeting. 

At about 21 minutes into an interview between Kirkpatrick and Greenstreet  Greenstreet asks Kirkpatrick if he had any interest in UFOs or interactions with a “core group” UFO “true believers” prior to being the director of AARO. Kirkpatrick said that aside from a few movies, he had no interest in UFOs prior to AARO. He also said that he did not perform any duties regarding UFOs or paranormal phenomena prior to directing AARO. 

Greenstreet then asked if he attended a 2018 Senate Armed Services Committee briefing on Skinwalker Ranch. 

Kirkpatrick said, “No, I attended a briefing at the request of the Senate Armed Services Committee at what was at that time associated with the AATIP/AAWSAP research that was going as an independent outside reviewer, and I gave them my opinions…” 

He said one of the staffers invited him. 

“This was not an official government briefing. This was a briefing by people who were not associated with the government,” Kirkpatrick said, adding that it was not officially associated with the Department of Defense in any way. 

Kirkpatrick also said the statement about being aware of the reality of UFOs wasn’t accurate. 

“Kirkpatrick did not say aliens are real… No I never said that…” 

Kirkpatrick Later Said He Didn’t Attend a Meeting About Skinwalker Ranch & Fugal Might Be Confusing Meetings

Greenstreet said he emailed Kirkpatrick follow-up questions, where Kirkpatrick clarified:

“I ended up at that briefing because a Congressional staffer asked me to attend as an objective 3rd party scientist to listen to the presentation. I did not know it was about Skinwalker Ranch until later. I don’t recall it being referenced by that name during the briefing.”

Greenstreet sent him the PowerPoint of Fugal’s presentation, and Kirkpatrick replied: 

“That’s not the briefing I recall seeing. The briefing I saw was less polished. Come to think about it, I don’t believe it was 2018 that I attended a briefing on the Hill. I believe it would have been 2017. In 2018, I was stationed in Colorado. I don’t recall ever meeting Fugal. Maybe he’s confusing the two meetings.”

Fugal Has a Photo of Kirkpatrick at the Head of the Table During His Meeting, Where Fugal Showed Slides About Skinwalker Ranch

Brandon Fugal, however, had receipts and was able to prove that Kirkpatrick was indeed at the meeting and there was no way to miss that the meeting was about Skinwalker Ranch. 

He tweeted: “On April 19, 2018, my team from Skinwalker Ranch was asked to provide a confidential briefing in Washington D.C. to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence & United States Armed Services Committee. Sean Kirkpatrick was at the head of the table. It lasted 2.5 hrs.”

Fugal tweet

One of the photos he attached showed the first slide of the presentation, which clearly said it was a Confidential Briefing about Skinwalker Ranch. 

Fugal tweet
Fugal tweet

And the next was a photo taken during the briefing, clearly showing Fugal giving the presentation with a slide about Skinwalker Ranch, and Kirkpatrick in attendance. 

Fugal photo shared on Twitter/X.
Fugal photo shared on Twitter/X.

You can see a closeup of Kirkpatrick in this tweet.

When someone asked for timestamps, he wrote: “I have the complete metadata intact showing the briefing occurred at on April 19, 2018 between 1:00-3:30pm ET. That particular photo was taken at 1:31pm.”

Metdata tweet
Metadata tweet

He clarified that this was not a classified briefing, just a confidential one, and he didn’t sign any NDAs. And that the photo was taken discreetly, without permission, because he thought he might need proof later. 

“There weren’t supposed to be cameras. I instructed our paralegal to discreetly create a record of it in case I needed it in the future,” he wrote. 

Fugal tweet
Fugal tweet

In another tweet, Fugal shared that it was Kristen Fugal who took the photo and “documented the entire briefing.” 

Fugal added: “This was a confidential, formal briefing. She was acting in a legal capacity & taking notes as part of my team. It was a 2.5 hr briefing with 55 slides plus video, detailing the 2 years of investigation under my stewardship.”

When asked what the slide was that you can see in the photo with Kirkpatrick he shared the exact slide.

Fugal slide
Fugal slide

Fugal also clarified that this wasn’t a meeting about funding, and this meeting took place years before the Skinwalker Ranch TV show launched. 

He wrote: “I didn’t ask for any funding. I was being open & collaborative, responding to a request from authorities to provide data regarding my privately funded, confidential investigation at Skinwalker Ranch. At that time I had no intention of going public or revealing my identity.”

He shared more details in another post, writing: “Definitely not an ‘afterthought’ presentation. We were asked to fly across the country to Washington, D.C. to give a detailed briefing regarding my investigation & research at Skinwalker Ranch. It was 2.5 hrs long with 55 slides plus video. I was accompanied by 3 scientists.”

And there was no way that Kirkpatrick couldn’t have known the nature of the meeting, Fugal shared

Fugal tweet
Fugal tweet

Fugal added that the agenda, stating the meeting was about Skinwalker Ranch, was circulated before the meeting happened. 

His Flash Drive Disappeared Just Before the Meeting

Fugal also revealed some strange things happened just before the meeting, including the disappearance of his flash drive with all his presentation slides and notes. 

“The flash drive containing the briefing was stolen from my room, which was the presidential suite of the Grand Hyatt Washington, D.C., the morning of the briefing, while locked & attending a quick meeting at my Colliers International D.C. office located nearby,” he wrote.

He continued: “I reported the situation to hotel security & front desk. Fortunately (and to my surprise & relief), my principal investigator & scientist, Erik Bard, had saved a copy to his laptop the night before. The briefing was able to proceed.”

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