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New Attack on Titan Manga Chapter Will Explore Levi’s Life

Attack on Titan

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The recent announcement of “Bad Boy,” an 18-page addition to the “Attack on Titan” series by Hajime Isayama, has reignited excitement within the manga and anime community for the franchise. The announcement gives fans something to look forward to now that the main series has concluded. 

This new chapter, featured in the artbook “Fly,” will offer a deep dive into the past of one of the series’ most enigmatic and beloved characters, Levi Ackerman. Here’s everything we know about the new chapter so far. 

“Bad Boy” Offers a Glimpse into Levi’s Past, According to 4 Draft Pages Shared Online

The first four draft pages of “Bad Boy,” included in the upcoming art book, have already sparked excitement and speculation among fans eager to discover more about Levi’s past​​.

The Attack on Titan wiki Twitter account shared the first four draft pages from the new manga chapter, which will explore Levi’s childhood. 

Levi Ackerman is one of the series’ most formidable and complex characters. This new 18-page manga chapter, referred to as “Volume 35,” is expected to explore Levi’s rough upbringing, shedding light on the events that shaped him into the stoic and skilled soldier fans know and admire​​​​. The teaser shows Levi with his mother, Kuchel, Fandomwire reported

Levi, known for his exceptional combat skills and laconic nature, has been a focal point of fan admiration throughout the series. This new chapter won’t be the first addition that explored Levi’s past, since we already have some OVAs that do that too. So this announcement has left fans extra curious about what Isayama has to share. 

“Fly” Is More Than Just an Artbook

Shingeki Fly website (Shonen Magazine)
Shingeki Fly website (Shonen Magazine)

While “Fly” primarily serves as a compilation of Isayama’s art, spanning over 200 pages, it’s the inclusion of “Bad Boy” that adds a significant narrative element to this collection. The artbook not only showcases Isayama’s artistic talent but also enriches the “Attack on Titan” lore by offering new storytelling dimensions​​.

The artbook and the new chapter will be released on April 30, 2024.

Unfortunately, the art book and the new manga chapter are not expected to be translated into English, according to the official account for the new  artbook. 

Of course, it will only be a matter of time before a dedicated fan translates it for the rest of the world! 

The artbook will also include a color reproduction of the final 57 pages, Mikasa’s scarf, and Eren’s key. 

The deadline for purchasing a copy in Japan was November 30. 

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