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Analyzing MAPPA’s Official Teaser Photo for Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

Attack on Titan Teaser Photo (MAPPA)

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We finally have details about Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2! After a long wait since the S4A finale, MAPPA has finally revealed more details to help tide fans over until the second half of the final season finally airs.

Analyzing @MAPPA_Info's teaser photo for #AttackonTitan S4 Part 2. This is an anime-only analysis without manga spoilers. Share on X

This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers. The only spoilers will be in terms of analyzing the teaser trailing and theorizing about what it means.

The Teaser Photo Is Phenomenal

While some fans had hoped we’d get a trailer during MAPPA’s 10th anniversary event and the Attack on Titan panel, we didn’t end up being that lucky. However, we did get an intriguing teaser photo that’s going to tide over fans for quite some time.

Attack on Titan's teaser photo (MAPPA)
Attack on Titan’s teaser photo (MAPPA)

The photo was released on the official Twitter account, which also revealed that the first new episode will be called “Condemnation,” and the show will be returning THIS winter.

I don’t know about you, but I am REALLY excited about this. 🙂

The photo was also added to the show’s official website too, which has been updated with concrete information for the first time since the Season 4 Part A finale.

It Looks Like Eren Is Meeting the Girl that Zeke Saw in His Vision

This teaser photo seems to reveal that Eren will finally meet who we’re guessing is Ymir face-to-face for the first time. They’re meeting at what appears to be the same glowing/electric tree that was teased in every post-credits video during Season 4. (You can learn the English translation of the lyrics in that ending song here.)

This looks like the same tree teased in that ending video above, just styled and drawn differently. My personal theory is that Falco is more tied to Eren than we have any idea, since he was such a focal point for the S4 ending video and was shown just before they showed us the glowing tree that we see in the S4B teaser.

In addition, the little girl Eren is visiting in the teaser photo looks exactly like the girl in the S4B teaser released by NHK and the girl that Zeke saw in his vision when he thought he was dying.

First, here’s the closeup of the girl, as we can see her on the official website.


She looks exactly like the girl Zeke saw. Here’s a screenshot from Zeke’s vision. He saw her at the beginning of S4E16 when he thought he was dying.


Some fans (including me) believe that he was seeing the Founding Titan Ymir. Here’s the teaser trailer for S4B that NHK released, but the U.S. did not release. (Notice that the same glowing tree in this teaser trailer is also shown in MAPPA’s teaser photo.)

The girl in Zeke’s vision and in the teaser photo looks SO much like the girl who plays a central role in this teaser trailer.


The biggest difference is that the girl in the teaser and in Zeke’s vision has blonde hair, while the girl in the teaser trailer has red hair.

In the teaser trailer, the girl looks like she’s drowning in water and then encounters a glowing skeletal structure while she’s underwater.

The teaser trailer makes it look like Eren has figured out a way to directly contact the founding titan Ymir. Perhaps when he and Zeke touch, it doesn’t just start the rumbling but it allows Eren to access the “path” or the “coordinate” which connects all titans to the founding titan? Perhaps because Eren has the Founding Titan within him, he’s the only one who even has the ability to talk to her directly. Or maybe he has to get all the titans together, in one way or another, before he can contact her.

Whatever the case, this new season looks like it’s going to be amazing.

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