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Watch Attack on Titan Season 4’s Ending Song with Lyrics & English Subtitles

Attack on Titan Ending Song Lyrics

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Attack on Titan has an amazing opening song for Season 4, and the ending song is equally compelling if you really give it time to sink in. But if you’re watching on Hulu, Funimation, or Crunchyroll, then you’re not seeing the subtitles in English that go along with the song. You can watch them here, and we’ll also provide the English lyrics in the text too.

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Watch the Lyrics as the Video Plays

A lot of viewers have shared that they are getting spoiled on YouTube when they try to watch videos or soundtracks for Season 4. So we’re providing a spoiler-free zone here to watch and read the lyrics in this article.

The ending video is embedded below, with lyrics added, or you can watch it here. Beware of reading the comments on the actual YouTube link though, because people are known to share spoilers in YouTube comments.

Here are what the lyrics say:

I saw a momentary flicker of a world abandoned

If you can, soar away and tell him this:

High above, countless scorched birds

shrug the ash off their wings with an easy laugh.

Won’t someone please

tell the world that I was here?

I will live on after my bones have turned to dust.

I will live on after my bones have turned to dust.

Just in case that video stops working, here is another version. This one is the full version of the song, which is called “Shock” by Yuko Ando.

Fans Love the Ending Song

Attack on Titan fans absolutely love the ending song. On the subreddit, one person wrote about why it’s so popular:

They said in part: “It captures a range of emotions. You mainly feel a mix of despair and hope, but there’s more. The two times it’s been played over scenes this season…have made those scenes feel more powerful and significant (& I’m hoping it’s done often when it fits. Honestly was surprised it wasn’t used in episode 3)… For some reason, it creates a nostalgic anime song feel even though it just came out and is still airing. When I listen to it, I KNOW I’ll relive the experience of the final season. It almost makes me even feel like the characters in that world. I get a similar feeling with the final OP of FMAB.”

Another said that although they like the ending song for Season 2 better, they truly do like this one also.

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