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Who Did Zeke See in His Vision on Attack on Titan S4 Episode 16?

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At the beginning of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 (aka Episode 75), Zeke saw someone in a vision. But who was it? These are the top theories about that moment at the beginning of the last episode of the season.

This article will have spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16, along with spoilers from the Season 4B trailer, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. For anime-only discussions, join us on Discord or in our AoT Facebook page.  We’ll be analyzing this anime in-depth until the show returns.

Zeke’s Harrowing, Short Vision Left A Lot of Questions

The introduction to Episode 16 was DARK, but that’s nothing new for Attack on Titan. Zeke survived Levi’s spear, only to be left limbless on the ground, believing that he was dying.

As he asks himself if he’s dying, he sees a girl in a vision. She doesn’t look like anyone we’ve seen before.


Viewers had all kinds of theories about who she is. Some wonder if Zeke might be seeing a vision of the future, perhaps seeing his own daughter who will carry on the Titan name despite his desire to destroy Eldians’ ability to reproduce. Others even wondered if she might be Sasha’s younger “sister,” Kaya.

But I believe the true nature of who she is can be found in the Season 4 Part 2 teaser trailer, which only streamed on NHK in Japan and not on U.S. streaming platforms.

The girl in Zeke’s vision looks SO much like the girl who plays a central role in this teaser trailer.


Notice that her hair is a different color. It’s red in the teaser trailer and blonde in Zeke’s vision. But she’s wearing the same headband and the same clothes.

We also see scenes like this in the teaser.

The girl looks like she’s drowning in water and then somehow gets infected with something that is glowing in a way that is eerily similar to how the Titans glow as they are transforming. Based on how central she is to the teaser trailer, I’m guessing she is the Founding Titan Ymir.  This has to be connected to the Titans, since sometimes we see their skeletal structure developing first when they’re transforming.

I wonder if the girl in Zeke’s vision was the Founding Titan Ymir before we see her in the scene under the water. Maybe she had blonde hair at first that turned red after coming into contact with the Titans’ power?

If this theory is correct, then this means that perhaps, when Titans are near death, they see the Founding Titan Ymir in a vision. She’s the original coordinate that the Path connects to, we’ve been told, and thus must connect to all the Titans in some substantial way.

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