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Fans Thank Mappa for Stunning Attack on Titan Season 4 Glow-Ups

Attack on Titan Glow Ups praised.

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Attack on Titan fans are praising MAPPA Studio (“Mappa” for the remainder of this story) for all the “glow-ups” as the animation studio revealed favorite characters’ new looks on Season 4 Episodes 6 and 7. The new season takes place about four years after Season 3, and the characters have grown up a lot. Mappa has also taken care to draw the characters closer to their anime counterparts, and fans are loving the changes.

This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 7, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

Levi’s Glow Up

Most fans are thrilled with the evolved Levi Ackerman.

Eren’s Glow Up

Eren is rugged and grown-up now, fully reflecting the battles of war in his appearance. He’s a “Jesus like” character with age far beyond his years.

Armin’s Glow Up

Next to Eren’s change, Armin’s glow up may be the one that impressed fans the most. We saw him for the first time in Episode 7, and he’s grown a lot, but he still has that innocent look that made fans want to protect him.

Mappa has greatly improved upon Armin’s look.

He now shows his years. He’s seen a lot in the last four years, and he hates the deaths he must inflict upon others in his Colossal form. But he’s also a battle-proven military advisor now, so he does what must be done.

It’s Armin who may have stolen fans’ hearts the most.

And he looks just so sad as Colossal.

And let’s be honest, this meme is kind of true:

Mikasa’s Glow Up

Mikasa has changed quite a bit.

Mikasa’s glow up works for her. She’s a badass Ackerman, following in Levi’s footsteps, able to take out even the most formidable of Titans.

Mikasa is still attached to Eren, but she’s far more of her own person now too.

Sasha & Connie’s Glow Up

Sasha is probably the character who looks the most like her “old” self from last season. But she has a hardness to her that she didn’t have before.

She’s now a competent professional who knows how to take Titans out in battle and isn’t scared of them anymore.

Connie looks quite a bit different, but most fans are happy with his new look.

Jean’s Glow Up

And let’s not forget Jean. He is in command now and is comfortable with the unexpectedness of war. He’s no longer afraid.

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