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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17’s Title Was Just Revealed

Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan fans learned some valuable information about Season 4 Part 2 this weekend during a live event hosted by MAPPA celebrating their 10th anniversary. One of the key details released is the episode title for Season 4 Episode 17 (aka Episode 76 if you watch on Funimation or Crunchryoll.)

This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers.

MAPPA Announced the Title for Episode 76

In a translated tweet released by Attack on Titan’s official Twitter, @anime_shingeki, the title was a revealed.

The translated tweet reveals that in English, the title of Episode 76 (Season 4 Episode 17) will be “Condemnation.”

It’s worth noting that since this title is from the Twitter account’s translated tweet, there’s a chance that the episode’s actual title when released on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu might be a little different.

This is the most concrete information we’ve gotten on the new season since the teaser trailer was released after Season 4 Episode 16 aired. MAPPA’s announcement also confirmed the show will return this winter, and it revealed an intriguing teaser photo for the new season.

Past Episode Titles

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Here’s a look at the episode titles for the first part of season 4. You can catch up on ALL of Attack on Titan on Funimation here.

Season 4 Episode 1 (aka Episode 60) was called “The Other Side of the Sea.”

S4E2 was called “Midnight Train.”

S4E3 was called “The Door of Hope.”

S4E4 was called “From One Hand to Another.”

S4E5 (aka Episode 64) was called “Declaration of War.”

S4E6 was called “The War Hammer Titan.”

S4E7 was called “Assault.”

S4E8 was called “Assassin’s Bullet.”

S4E9 (aka Episode 68) was called “Brave Volunteers.”

S4E10 was called “A Sound Argument.”

S4E11 was simply called “Deceiver.”

S4E12 (aka Episode 71) was called “Guides.”

S4E13 was called “Children of the Forest.”

S4E14 was called “Savagery.”

S4E15 was called “Sole Salvation.”

Season 4 Episode 16 (aka Episode 75) was called “Above and Below.”

In summary, the episode titles are sometimes more revealing about the content of the episode than other times. “Condemnation” is an interesting title, since we know that Zeke just activated everyone who drank the wine and now Eren is about to face Reiner with the Marleyan army backing him up.

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