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Watch UFO Whistleblower’s Surprise 3-Hour Interview & New Revelations

UFO whistleblower David Grusch is opening up more about what he knows. Pictured here is an illustration of what a UAP might look like. (Canva)

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UFO whistleblower David Grusch surprised UAP disclosure advocates when he stopped by for a surprise nearly three-hour interview with Joe Rogan on Tuesday, November 21. No one was anticipating the interview, and news spread like wildfire through social media circles when the interview dropped. Grusch shared new details about his allegations that people in the UFO-sphere will be talking about for quite some time. 

You can watch the full interview in the article below, along with highlights of what Grusch shared. And be sure and stay tuned to this website, as we will be posting more in-depth stories about Grusch’s new claims and revelations in the coming weeks.

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You Can Watch the Interview in the Video Below

Grusch has been in the news quite a bit before his new appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He garnered national attention when he revealed allegations that the U.S. had a secret UAP retrieval and reverse-engineering program that it was hiding from congressional oversight. Since then, he has testified before the House Oversight Committee, and is prepared to share more details in a SCIF if his clearance is renewed. Grusch has also appeared on YouTube interviews recently, and spoke with novelist Walter Kirn. But his new Rogan interview is the most in-depth one yet. 

The DailyMotion video of his interview is embedded below. Although it is autoplaying, it should be set on mute. This is the video that Joe Rogan’s official podcast page links to if you click the embed button on the video. 

The video is nearly 3 hours long, clocking in at 2:40. If you prefer to watch on Spotify, the link is here.

Grusch Opened Up More in This Interview Than He Has Before

David Grusch testifying to Congress (CSPAN)
David Grusch testifying to Congress. A new amendment seeks to get Grusch’s clearance renewed. (CSPAN)

Grusch opened up far more in this nearly three-hour interview than he ever has before. We’ll be reporting more in depth in the coming week on some of the topics he brought up, in case you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, or want to go more in-depth into some of the topics. 

At one point, about 13 minutes into the interview, Grusch spoke about how some of the 40 people he interviewed who have first-hand knowledge of the retrieval programs are multi-star generals or directors of U.S. agencies. Shortly after, he also talked about a 300-foot triangle that followed one Department of Defense official right around dawn, and ended up damaging the paint on the official’s car. 

At about 54 minutes in, Grusch talks a bit about the “non-human intelligence” label, and notes that some of these witnesses actually refer to the NHI as extraterrestrials. But the Schumer amendment (which you can read here) refers to them as NHI in order to cast a wider net, so disclosure won’t be thwarted due to wording. 

At about 1:23 into the interview, Grusch discusses how there are different species of NHI, and their physiology is so different from ours that we don’t have a complete picture of what they are. He talks about multiple types of NHI, and is hesitant to say more on our actual interactions with them. This meshes with something he said in his interview with novelist Walter Kirn. Kirn said Grusch hinted that the biologics might be in different shapes and sized, and possibly involve multiple groups or species that might not like one another. Grusch also said that these NHI might be “indifferent to us at best.” 

Grusch also talked about how the gatekeepers really weren’t interested in telling him any more or answering his questions, even though he was researching officially for the UAPTF. This was one of the reasons he ended up whistleblowing on the whole thing. 

There’s also extensive discussion in the interview about the 1933 UFO retrieval that involved the Vatican, and which this site will be delving into more in the near future. 

According to Grusch, the number of UAPs retrieved are in the double digits. He also said that Harry Reid had mentioned Lockheed Martin as one of the government contractors with UFO material. But, interestingly, he said that Lockheed themselves may have been unhappy with the level of secrecy, since it hindered their ability to bring in the engineers they wanted. 

There’s a lot more to explore, so keep an eye on this website in the coming weeks. 

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