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Former Skinwalker Ranch Owner: Politicians Can’t Be Trusted with UFO Knowledge

A picture of Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel)

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Former Skinwalker Ranch owner Robert Bigelow spoke in a recent interview about UFO disclosure and whether politicians or others should really be able to know the secrets being kept in special access programs. Bigelow noted that politicians should be kept in the dark, since they can’t be trusted, and disclosure should be given to others on a “need to know” basis. 

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Bigelow Said Politicians Aren’t Trustworthy Enough to Be Read Into Secret Programs

In a recent interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Bigelow opened up about his thoughts on UFO disclosure. At about 23:04 into the interview, he was asked about the July House hearing with UFO whistleblower David Grusch. Bigelow said that politicians really aren’t trustworthy enough to be read into these special access programs, like the ones being addressed in the House hearing

“99.9999 of all government people know nothing about ET hardware, corporations where hardware is, does it exist, what kind exists,” Bigelow said. “They know nothing. Right up to Presidents of the United States. There’s a good reason for that… The reason for Presidents of the United States is that — and this sounds cavalier — but they’re only elected officials. And I think … we can agree that regardless of what party you belong to, if any, that we can’t trust our elected officials. They lie, they’re dishonest. We can’t trust them regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or Independent, it doesn’t matter. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Bigelow knows a lot about government secrecy as it pertains to UFO projects. In 2007, when he owned Skinwalker Ranch, he helped persuade then Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid to launch the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP) to study UAPs, CNN reported in 2007. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), whose work included studying Skinwalker Ranch, won a contract from AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) and later wrote a 494-page report about UFO sightings that has not been released publicly, Wikipedia noted

A scene from Skinwalker Ranch
A scene from Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel)

After Bigelow sold Skinwalker Ranch to the current owner, Brandon Fugal, he didn’t disclose the data or research he had obtained from his studies of the ranch. 

In his recent interview with Mishlove, Bigelow went on to say that admirals and generals are more trustworthy for this type of information than politicians. 

“This subject is so serious being above top secret that they (politicians) can’t be trusted,” Bigelow continued. “Lifetime admirals and generals can … On average, 35-year career guys and gals that are in it can be much more trusted. And I had that validated for me by … a friend of mine and Harry Reid. And he validated it with a President that was in office at the time and satisfied us both that he (the Presidnet) did not know. He was not read into the program.”

Bigelow said the bottom line is “need to know.” Someone should only have access to this kind of secret information if they have something to “bring to the table” to help the people involved. 

“And the reason that you either really know or don’t know something is based on: What is your need to know and what can you bring to the table?” Bigelow said. “And if you can’t satisfy those two criteria, you don’t deserve to know anything. You don’t deserve to be told anything. What is your need to know and what can you bring to the table for us, to help us?”

Some listeners have pointed out that it’s interesting how Bigelow is using ‘we” and “us” in these statements. 

Bigelow went on to clarify more about what he meant. 

“Whether it’s back engineering, whatever it might be, why should we care about revealing things to you?” Bigelow said. “And that’s applicable clear across the board for all government people, all citizenry, whatever…”

When asked about Congress’ right to control the budget, thus giving them a “need to know,” he said companies are very good at concealing money they’ve received from black budget projects. 

“Well yes and no,” Bigelow said. “What they (Congress) don’t control is black (budgets). They’re not that familiar with … all the monies that really are in a black situation. That’s different… It’s very hard to to penetrate that and there’s all kinds of ways for major companies to receive monies and conceal where it actually went.”

Bigelow Noted That It’s Not Good for Governments to Admit If They Can’t Stop ‘Aliens’ From Invading

Bigelow said this level of secrecy is important because it involves national defense. If a government can’t control UFO aliens from invading their space, it’s probably not good to admit that publicly. 

“This is the most serious subject as far as the safety of the public is concerned from a national defense standpoint,” Bigelow continued. “And that’s how … responsible governments really should be always looking at their country… So that you’re making your country always as strong as you possibly possibly can… And you can’t have somebody invading your space — illegal aliens aside — invading your space and you can’t do a darn thing about it, nothing about it. Right? And maybe your citizenry is personally being affected and there’s nothing you can do about it. So even the admission of that is not good. So enough enough said on that.”

Later on, he was asked to clarify a statement he once made on 60 Minutes in 2017 about aliens being right under our noses

“They’re right under our noses in the sense that you can’t have a phenomena for 75 years that … has been doing the consistent persistent exhibitions by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands probably in terms of witnesses … including in 52 flying over the White House itself, you know, and just all interacting with the general public in all kinds of ways, without realizing it is right under your nose,” Bigelow clarified. “…So that’s what I was coming at… I was saying that you you have to be pretty much blind deaf and dumb to not acknowledge that they been here, they are here, and otherwise, you’re living a bubble…and have zero curiosity.”

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