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House Passes Amendment to Help UFO Whistleblower David Grusch with Disclosure

David Grusch testifying to Congress (CSPAN)

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The House of Representatives just took another step toward UFO disclosure in the form of a bill designed specifically to help whistleblower David Grusch. Grusch has alleged that the U.S. has a secret UAP retrieval and reverse engineering program. While he revealed a few details in news interviews — along with more details behind-closed-doors to two Inspectors General, he has not been able to get back the clearance he needed to speak with members of Congress in a SCIF. Now the House is trying to change that. 

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The House Passed an Amendment Urging the Renewal of Grusch’s Security Clearance

David Grusch gives an interview to Ross Coulthart
Screenshot of David Grusch’s interview with Ross Coulthart on News Nation

On Wednesday, November 8, the House of Representatives adopted the David Grusch Clearance Amendment, adding it to the Financial Services Appropriation Bill H.R. 4664. 

The amendment was adopted by voice vote after it was introduced by  Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO). The amendment is designed to encourage the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to renew David Grusch’s security clearance so he can show his work in a SCIF to members of Congress. While the amendment isn’t compulsory (it won’t force the OPM to give Grusch that clearance), Burlison noted that he understood that agencies “generally pay attention to legislative history and intent.” 

If the OPM follows the amendment’s suggestions, this would finally open the door for Grusch to speak to members of Congress in a SCIF about his allegations.

SCIF is short for “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” It refers to a room or installation that meets the Director of National Intelligence’s security standards for discussing sensitive, classified information. This is the only place where highly classified information, such as Grusch’s evidence, can be shared. During the July House hearing, Grusch said several times that he had more details that he could only share in a SCIF. But since then, he has not been able to get his security clearance renewed so that he could attend that SCIF. 

The amendment is listed on House.Gov’s website, as part of a list of all amendments that were added to H.R. 4664, the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Bill of 2024. The website confirms that the amendment was adopted by voice and it “Increases and decreases funding for the Office of Personnel Management by $20,000 to provide for the renewal of a security clearance for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) whistleblower David Grusch.” 


The amendment was co-sponsred by Rep. TIm Burchett and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, according to government documents.

The text of the amendment is included below: 

David Grusch security clearance amendment (
David Grusch security clearance amendment (

It reads: “For ‘‘Office of Personnel Management— Salary and Expenses’’ to renew the security clearance of David Grusch in order to brief members of Congress serving on the Committee on Oversight and Accountability of the House of Representatives regarding classified information disclosed to the Intelligence Community Inspector General related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), as authorized by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, there is hereby appropriated, and the amount otherwise provided by this Act for ‘Office of Personnel Management—Office of Inspector General— Salary and Expenses’ is hereby reduced by, $20,000.” 

Burlison Noted that Grusch Said the UAPs Had ‘Unique Atomic Arrangements & Radiological Signatures’

When introducing the amendment, Burlison gave a statement that referred back to some of Grusch’s allegations. 

He said, in part: “I rise in support of this amendment, which would increase slash decrease funding to express that the Office of Personnel Management should renew the security clearance of David Grusch. See, Mr. Grusch formerly served as a reconnaissance office representative to the UAP Task Force from 2019 to 2021. He recently testified before Congress, claiming that partial fragments and even intact vehicles have been found for decades by the federal government, our allies, and defense contractors. According to Mr. Grusch, objects and vehicles retrieved are of, quote, exotic origin based on the vehicles’ morphologies and materials science testing and the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures.”

Burlison went on to speak of Grusch’s claim that the U.S. may have dead pilots, crashed UAPs, and evidence of “malevolent” beings. 

“Mr. Grusch also told us that the U.S. is in possession of non-human spacecraft and dead pilots,” Burlison said. “And finally Mr. Grusch told us that he has spoken with the intelligence officials whom the U.S. military had brief on, quote, football-field size aircraft, that the U.S. government transferred some crashed UAPs to defense contractor, and that the intelligence officials were also briefed on malevolent activity from extraterrestrial beings.”

Burlison added that he needs to see the evidence to believe it.

“Now of course, all of this is very interesting to me, and a number of my colleagues on the oversight committee,” Burlison said. “And my first question when I had an opportunity for Mr. Grusch was to say those were pretty incredible claims. But I’m from the show-me state. You’re gonna have to show me. And I requested specific information which could not be conveyed in that hearing, not in a secure setting. And unfortunately, he’s unable to provide us with any supporting evidence to back up his claims because his security clearance has lapsed. Now my understanding is that Mr. Grusch did go through the proper channels here by turning over classified information to the IC inspector general. When he ultimately filed a complaint to the IC Inspector General, alleging that the information the he presented to the IC has been illegally withheld from Congress. So I’d like to know more about these claims, and so would a number of my colleagues on both sides of the aisles.”

He went on to express the importance of speaking to Grusch in a SCIF. 

“Now I’m certainly pleased that the oversight committee is working hard to bring the relevant inspector general so we can cut through all of the roadblocks that have been presented since Mr. Grusch stepped forward,” Burlison said.” But we need to cover all possible angles here. And if we can get Mr. Grusch in a SCIF with an active security clearance, that would go a long way. This amendment simply expresses the support for the Office of Personnel Management to renew  the security clearance of David Grusch so he can show us his work. Now, I’m a freshman member, I’ve seen a lot of these increasing and decreasing amendments, and while on its face they appear to not do anything, it’s my understanding that … the agencies generally pay attention to the legislative history and intent, which is why I’m offering this amendment.” 

The amendment received unanimous ayes and was agreed to. 

You can watch Grusch’s opening statement to the House Oversight Committee in the video below. 

Could this be the another strong step toward disclosure? 

Novelist Walter Kirn, who met with David Grusch for an interview, has said in a podcast interview that Grusch told him a big “reveal” about UAPs “has kind of got a schedule now and in the next year will be accelerated in a way that the whole world will find astonishing.”

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