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UFO Whistleblower Opens Up About UAP Pushback & ‘Indifferent’ Aliens

David Grusch opens up more. (Pictured is a concept of what a UFO might look like, via Canva.)

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UFO whistleblower David Grusch has opened up more in recent interviews regarding what he knows about UFOs and the pushback he received when conducting investigations for UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.) Grusch has alleged that the U.S. has a secret UAP retrieval program, based on interviews he conducted with about 40 people with insider knowledge. 

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Grusch Said He Faced Intense Pushback After He Made Official Inquiries About UAPs

News Nation, which aired the first televised interview with Grusch, has just released a new clip from his interview during a UFO special about George Knapp. In that clip, Grusch spoke in more detail about the pushback he received when he tried to investigate claims about the alleged retrieval program.

The entire NewsNation special about Knapp can be watched via Part One here and Part Two here.

“It’s an obvious intelligence community disrespect to the legislative branch,” Grusch told journalist Ross Coulthart in the new clip from his News Nation interview. 

He said he tried to use his official role in the UAPTF to get more access to information from one agency in particular, which he did not name. The agency acted like it would cooperate, but then pushed back more. 

“I had one agency say, ‘Oh yes, we have what you’re looking for, we’ll read you in,'” Grusch recalled. “And then two months went by, they wouldn’t return phones calls, they wouldn’t return inquiries by the UAP Task Force director, my colleagues with the same kind of statutory authority to investigate this. And, in one case, they tried to kill all my security clearances from that particular agency, as almost like a show of force, like please don’t ask again, Dave. And I thought that was extremely unprofessional.”

Grusch emphasized that he was investigating within his official capacity when the pushback occurred. 

“I stated my official capacity to look into this,” he told Coulthart. “This wasn’t me trying to get access to a program I wasn’t supposed to, or anything like that. This was in my official capacity.” 

Grusch Hinted That Non-Human Intelligence Might Simply Be ‘Indifferent to Us’

News Nation’s new clip with Grusch is just one of two new Grusch interviews that have recently surfaced. Another interview was conducted by novelist Walter Kirn for his print-only publication Country Highway. Country Highway can only be read with a subscription, and the latest issue featured the Grusch interview on the magazine’s front page. 

Walter Kirn on Twitter
Walter Kirn on Twitter

Kirn posted about the interview on X (formerly known as Twitter), writing: “I spent two engrossing days in the mountains with the energetic & resolute “UFO whistleblower” Dave Grusch, interviewing him for the new issue of @CountyHwy, our print-only newspaper. It was an affecting experience…”

There’s a lot to unpack about the article, which can only be read in print. One interesting part occurs early on in the interview, when Kirn asks Grusch to elaborate more about the “non-human biologics” that he alleges were found in some of the unidentified craft. 

Grusch said he wasn’t free to give any specifics about that part, except to say that they might be “indifferent to us at best.” Kirn added that Grusch also hinted that the biologics might be in different shapes and sized, and possibly involve multiple groups or species that might not like one another. It appears that these statements were more speculation than known facts. More details were shared in the article. 

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