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Best Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows in 2022 That You Don’t Want to Miss

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As 2022 begins, it’s time to start planning for all the post-apocalyptic TV shows that you’ll want to watch in the coming year. We had a fantastic selection of returning and new shows in 2021, and have the same great expectations for 2022. So get your calendars ready and take note of everything on this list that you’re most excited about. Here are the 2022 post-apocalyptic TV shows that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget that you can also check out our Post Apocalyptic Google Calendar, where we’ll be adding all the premiere dates as they’re announced (and you can even download the calendar to your own device and get the updates automatically!)

Here are all the new and returning post-apocalyptic TV shows in 2022 that you don't want to miss. Share on X

New Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows Premiering in 2022

All of Us Are Dead: Premiering on Netflix January 28, 2022

A Korean high school zombie series, All of Us Are Dead, will be released on Netflix on January 28.

Tales of the Walking Dead: Coming to AMC Summer 2022

Tales of the Walking Dead

One of the major new series you won’t want to miss is the anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead, which is premiering on AMC in the summer of 2022. See more about the series in our story here.

We’re also getting a Carol and Daryl spinoff, with the date for that one unknown.

The Last of Us: Coming to HBO in 2022

We don’t have a date yet, but The Last of Us is coming to HBO sometime in 2022, and we can’t wait. We’ve already seen the first TV image of the series, showing Ellie and Joel looking out over what appears to be a plane crash.

Halo: Coming to Paramount+ in 2022

Showtime had ordered a 10-episode series for Halo, but now it’s going to premiere on Paramount+ instead, Deadline reported. This actually could be good for the series, since 1883 (which is available only on Paramount+) is doing amazingly well in viewership. Paramount+ is also seeing a lot of success with its Star Trek franchise of shows, and Showtime is still producing Halo, which means the high quality will still be around.

We don’t have a date yet, but we have confirmation it’s premiering in 2022, along with a short teaser trailer.\

Game of Thrones’ House of the Dragon: Premiering on HBO in 2022

One of the biggest premiere names goes to HBO’s “House of the Dragon” prequel to Game of Thrones. It’s releasing in 2022, but we don’t have a date yet. However, George R.R. Martin has sany a rough cut of the first episode, and he really loved it, he said on his blog. (We’ve previously written that Game of Thrones is technically post-apoc, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel that way.)

Fallout: Premiering on HBO Likely in 2023 or 2024

The Fallout TV series — yet another iconic post-apocalyptic franchise that we can’t wait to see on TV — is coming to Amazon, but there’s no premiere date for this one either. This series will be helmed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld fame, and Todd Howard is overseeing production. As we recently reported, however, it looks like this one won’t grace our screens until 2023 or 2024.

Battlestar Galactica Revival: Premiere Date on Peacock TBA

Battlestar Galactica’s TV revival, led by Sam Esmail of “Mr. Robot,” is still in the works, but there are no concrete dates for this one either. This one will premiere on the Peacock streaming service, which leaves me a little concerned about what level of audience it will gain. Screenrant recently reported that it will have an unusual release structure, dropping a different amount of episodes at different times, rather than according to a set, usual schedule. But there’s just not a lot of information out there since it was announced in 2019. (Plus, there’s apparently also a movie in the works that will take place in the same universe.)

Dune The Sisterhood: Premiere Date on HBO Max TBA, Probably in 2023

With the smash success of the new Dune movie, you’d think that Dune: The Sisterhood would be close behind. While it’s still in HBO Max’s plans, however, there’s simply no word on a premiere date yet. Looper is guessing late 2022 or sometime in 2023, but those are just guesses.

Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows Returning in 2022

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2: Airing Now

Is Levi alive or dead?
Levi on Attack on Titan. (Funimation)

Attack on Titan (which is my personal favorite show!) is airing Season 4 Part 2 now on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Learn how to watch it here.

Snowpiercer Season 3: Returning January 24 to TNT

Snowpiercer is almost BACK on TNT. It’s returning on January 24 for a new season. Learn more about season 3 in our story here.

Raised By Wolves Season 2: Coming to HBO Max on February 3

The wait for the second season of Raised by Wolves is almost over! The series returns to HBO Max on February 3, with episodes released weekly.

The Walking Dead’s Final Season: Returning February 20 to AMC

The Walking Dead‘s final season is airing this year. The next installment in the saga is airing February 20 on AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead: Returning to AMC on April 27, 2022

Fear the Walking Dead will return for Season 7B on AMC on April 27, 2022. See our review of the latest episode here.

Muv-Luv Alternative “Season 2”: Returning to Crunchyroll Likely in October 2022

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 3
Muv-Luv Alternative (Crunchyroll)

Muv-Luv Alternative’s first “season” has wrapped, and we are expecting the show to return in October 2022, although an exact date isn’t yet known. Technically, this will likely be the second half of season 1 rather than an official second season, but that remains to be determined.

86: Returning to Crunchyroll in March

86 Episode 15
86 Episode (Crunchyroll)

One of my favorite post-apocalyptic animes, 86, is returning for the final two episodes of season 1 on March 12 and 19, 2022. After that, we’re just hoping Eighty-Six is renewed for a second season.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 Premiering on Hulu Sometime in 2022

The Handmaid's Tale Emmys
The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

The fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale is likely airing sometime in 2022, with filming on the new season having already started. But we don’t have a date yet.

Westworld: Season 4 Airing on HBO in Late 2022

We’re expecting season 4 of Westworld to air on HBO in late 2022.

See: Season 3 Likely Premiering on Apple in 2022

See Featurette

Expect Season 3 of Apple’s See to premiere sometime in 2022, since filming has already wrapped, Movieweb reported. Unfortunately, we don’t have a date yet. In the meantime, check out our map of all the major locations in the See universe.

Foundation Season 2: Return Date on Apple TBA

Foundation has been renewed for a second season. Inverse is guessing a late 2022 premiere date, but nothing’s official. See all our reviews from season 1 here.

Wheel of Time Season 2: Return Date on Amazon TBA

Wheel of Time is definitely renewed for a second season, but the premiere date isn’t known. It had already completed filming half of the second season by late November 2021, Inverse reported.They are guessing a late 2022 premiere.

As far as returning series that we’re still waiting for word about, it’s not clear when the following are coming back (or even if some of them are):

  • Sweet Tooth: Shooting on Season 2 is supposed to start in January 2022, but there’s no word on when the big-budget fare will return, or whether it will be late 2022 or even 2023.
  • Tribes of Europa Season 2: This one is just not clear at all. We don’t know if it’s renewed or, if so, when it’s returning.
  • Y the Last Man: The show was canceled on Hulu after the first season. Eliza Clark is still hoping to find a new home for it, Vulture reported. CBR reported that it might find a home on Disney’s streaming service, but these are just rumors at this point.

Also, we won’t be seeing a new season of “Y: The Last Man,” since it was cancelled, and the prequel series for “The 100” was also scrapped by The CW.

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