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Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer Dishes Out the Hope

Snowpiercer Season 3

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Snowpiercer’s third season is only three weeks away and TNT treated us to a brand new teaser trailer this week for its award-winning show.

Season Two left off with a fractured Big Alice train licking her wounds while a smaller 10-car pirate train, led by Layton, seeks greener pastures.

This trailer opens with Layton’s prophetic words: “Citizens of Snowpiercer, for the first time since the world ended, a brighter future awaits beyond the train.”

The trailer then shows off something we haven’t seen in the first two episodes: parts of the Earth without snow, flourishing with vegetation. “There are places on the Earth that are warming,” Layton continues. “You will have a say in our destination, and your choice will determine our future.”

So Season Three of Snowpiercer looks to be a little less snowy, at least on Layton’s side. Of course, there’s still the main train led by Wilford to contend with. This season promises lots of that Snowpiercer conflict we’ve come to know and love, including a train-to-train battle!

But wait, there’s more! We’re also introduced to a brand new character named Asha who says she’s a survivor. “I still don’t get how it’s possible to survive eight years out there,” Till comments. What will Asha bring to the table? Does she show us that it’s possible that there might be other survivors? Does she show us that it’s possible that Melanie survived? We do get a few glimpses of Jennifer Connelly in this trailer, so I’m not giving up hope!

Snowpiercer returns for Season Three on TNT on January 24.

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