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UFO Journalist: ‘Trusted Source’ Says House Reps Shown Video of Aliens

Did House representatives see aliens in a video? Pictured is a depiction of what an alien might look like. (Canva)

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A reputable UFO journalist questioned two House representatives after learning from a trusted source that they may have recently been shown videos with alien bodies. The news has since gone viral on social media. Here’s what we know so far. 

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A ‘Trusted Source’ Said the Reps Were Briefed By People with a Video of Alien Bodies

Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo reported that a trusted, anonymous source revealed that House Rep. Anna Paulina Luna and House Rep. Matt Gaetz were briefed by military personnel who had a video of alien bodies. The briefing was classified. 

Luna and Gaetz have both been outspoken in recent months about UFO disclosure and uncovering the truth behind David Grusch’s claims that the U.S. has a UAP retrieval and reverse engineering program. When Grusch presented his evidence to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, the ICIG found his claims to be credible and urgent. 

“Luna and Gaetz were briefed by some people that had a video of bodies,” the source told Ask a Pol. When asked if the people who briefed them were current military, the source replied, “Yes.” 

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Gaetz & Luna Simply Said They Could Not Discuss Classified Matters

Laslo then questioned Gaetz and Luna individually about the claims.

A spokesman for Gaetz simply said: “We can confirm that we received a briefing with Rep. Luna. We have no comment on the contents of that briefing at this time.” 

When asking Luna in person, Luna replied: “I cannot discuss these things, you know that. I’m sure we’ll have field hearings. No comment.”

Laslo commented that Luna didn’t laugh or scoff at the question in person, which he thought was interesting.

Luna Believes There Are ‘Advance Technologies Not of Human Origin’

Rep. Luna speaks. (C-SPAN)
Rep. Luna

In a recent podcast interview with Grant Mitterlehner, Luna said at the 21:22 mark that she believes they are advanced technologies that aren’t of human origin. 

“I got Men in Blacked,” she began. “…Myself, Rep. Burchett from Tennessee and Rep. Gaetz were on a small codel to the Panhandle because a whistleblower came forward from Eglin Air Force Base … saying the Air Force was essentially covering up UAP activity… Pentagon tried to initially cancel the first one (meeting). We got it back on the books… The base commander tried to basically tell us that we didn’t have authorized clearance… I had it out with the base commander… Why would an intelligence agency need to be there on a meeting for whistleblowers? …”

She continued. 

“I can tell you based on my investigations, not in a classified setting, that I absolutely believe that there is things that are advanced technologies not of human origin.”

She continued, speaking about the congressional hearing with Grusch and other firsthand witnesses, and how alarming it was to learn about “people that have potentially been murdered and covering up this information.” 

She then spoke about how Grusch refers to the aliens as “non-human intelligence” and shared: “I think it means that they’re not necessarily a biological entity from another planet per se.” 

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