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Congressman Pushes to Declassify UAPs After Seeing Compelling UFO Evidence

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 A Congressman is now pushing to declassify information about UAPs after he was presented with compelling, classified evidence of UFOs. His move comes after David Grusch, the UFO whistleblower, alleged that he has spoken to multiple witnesses with firsthand evidence that the United States is hiding a secret alien craft retrieval and reverse engineering program. Others in Congress have backed up Grusch’s claims. 

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Rep. Tim Burchett Filed an Amendment to Declassify Some UAP Reports

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 is currently the source of quite a few UAP-related amendments in both the House and the Senate. Rep. Tim Burchett has filed a proposed amendment to H.R. 2670 seeking declassification of certain UAP reports. The House of Representatives has a list of all the filed amendments on its webpage here. More than 1,000 amendments have been proposed to the House Rules Committee, and not all will be considered on the House floor.

The Rules committee has said that it will meet the week of July 10 to determine which amendments will move forward to the floor for consideration. June 30 was the deadline for filing amendments. 

Here is the amendment that Burchett filed: 

Burchett's amendment
Burchett’s amendment

The amendment is titled: “Declassification of Certain Reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

The proposed amendment goes on to read that no later than 180 days after the National Defense Authorization Act is enacted, the Secretary of Defense should “declassify any documents and other records in the possession of the Department of Defense relating to publicly known sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena.” 

He then defines “publicly known sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena” as meaning “a sighting of an of an unidentified aerial phenomenon about which there is information available in the public domain prior to the declassification of documents and records required under subsection (a).” 

Interestingly, that definition could declassify quite a bit of information, such as the UFOs that were shot down in February and still remain a mystery. 

Unfortunately, not every proposed amendment will ultimately make it to the House floor. On Twitter, D. Dean Johnson said they don’t think this one is going to make it. Hopefully it does. 

Burchett Has Seen Compelling Evidence That Leaves Him ‘100% Sure’ UFOs Are Out There

Burchett filed this proposal after saying that he has seen compelling evidence leaving him “100%” certain that something unusual truly is going on in the UFO realm. 

In an interview with Event Horizon, he opened up about his thoughts. 

Burchett was asked if he’s seen compelling evidence of something weird in the skies that could affect global security and might not be of this world. 

Burchett said, “Oh 100%. 100%. No question.” 

He was asked if the evidence is more compelling than what’s currently out there publicly. 

“Heck yes,” Burchett said. 

He was then asked if there’s a possible scenario that’s so dangerous it would justify secrecy. 

“No…” Burchett said. “That’s why I’m cautious about going into secure briefings on something where they would tell me something that I already knew. We’ve been dealing with this at least since 1947, probably since about 1893 I believe was the Aurora, Texas… If they’re out there, they’re out there. If they have this kind of technology, then I’ve said this before, they could turn us into a charcoal briquette. And they could travel light years, and speeds that we’ve seen, and defy physics as we know it, while underwater, don’t show a heat trail, things like that, then we’re … we’re out of our league. We couldn’t handle it. We couldn’t fight them off if we wanted to.” 

In a different interview with Project Unity, Burchett spoke in March about a classified briefing in Florida that he and Rep. Matt Gaetz had attended. Interestingly, this was after the three UFOs were shot down and no further information about them was released. 

Burchett said that Gaetz had spoken about becoming aware of a craft that, to his knowledge, “didn’t exist.” 

“Its heat signature was on the bottom of it,” he said. “It was bell or elongated, maybe not elongated, but a compressed saucer-type situation. And it had some particular things on it that, I’m not sure, I just don’t know. I don’t know. We talked to the pilots and they described what they saw… I won’t tell you what it was, but I leaned over to Matt — you know what a spook is right? — they’re CIA operative, whatever… The pilot said something… After he said it, I could tell he thought, ‘I shouldn’t have said that.’ And then I leaned over to Matt and said, ‘It looks like the spook is getting nervous.’ And he looked up and said, ‘Yeah, they said something that they shouldn’t have.’ But, we’re getting closer. We’re getting closer.” 

Interestingly, Burchett just replied to a tweet about that briefing on July 1. 

On Twitter, one person wrote, “Tim stated this in an interview a while back. Gaetz had to call some higher up in Washington to allow them in because they were refused access. What they saw blew their mind. They had no idea that we had crafts like this.” 

Burchett retweeted this and clarified, “We don’t have crafts like this.” 

Other UAP Amendments Were Also Added

Burchett’s amendment isn’t the only proposed UAP-related amendment. Rep. Mike Gallagher also offered a proposed amendment similar to one in the Senate. You can read it in full here

The amendment is titled: “Prohibition on Availability of Funds for Certain Unreported Activities.” 

The amendment notes, in part: “None of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or otherwise made available for fiscal year 2024 may be obligated or expended, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, to conduct or support any activity relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena that is controlled under a classified program that has not been formally, officially, 10 explicitly, and specifically described, explained, and justi11 fied to the appropriate congressional committees, congressional leadership, and the Director…” 

The amendment then goes on to specify examples of activities, including recruiting or training people for “capturing, recovering, or securing materials, objects, or devices derived from unidenti2 fied anomalous phenomena,” analyzing such materials, reverse engineering any such technology, developing propulsion technology related to this, or security related to these activities.

The amendment then goes on to note that any contractors (former or current) in “possession of material or information” “relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena” should notify the Director no less than 60 days after the National Defense Authorization Act is enacted, and then make the material or information available to the director no less than 180 days after the NDAA is enacted. All such actions will be treated as “authorized disclosure.” 

Then, no less than 30 days after the Director is notified, the Director needs to submit written verification to the relevant congressional committees. 

The wording of this is similar to an amendment proposed by Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, which is now Section 1104 of S. 2103, Fiscal Year 2024 Intelligence Authorization Act, Douglas Johnson reported. You can read Section 2103 in full here, and the relevant section is Title XI-Other Matters, Section 1104 (a)(4) and (c). 

It notes: “No amount authorized to be appropriated or appropriated by this Act or any other Act may be obligated or expended, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for, on, in relation to, or in support of activities involving unidentified anomalous phenomena protected under any form of special access or restricted access limitations that have not been formally, officially, explicitly, and specifically described, explained, and justified to the appropriate committees of Congress, congressional leadership, and the Director, including for any activities relating to the following…” 

It then lists recruiting, training, or providing security with the intention of capturing “unidentified anomalous phenomena craft or pieces,” analyzing those, providing security for such, reverse engineering, developing propulsion technology, or “any aerospace craft that uses propulsion technology other than chemical propellants, solar power, or electric ion thrust.” 

The amendment then goes on to note that any contractor with the federal government who has related material in their possession must notify the director no less than 60 days after the act is enacted, and then make the material and a list of material available within 180 days. 

The House and Senate amendments are highly similar, which indicates these amendments are more likely to be part of the final bill.  

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