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Post-Apocalyptic Games in This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

Berserk Boy

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As we look into the latest offerings from Nintendo, gamers can anticipate an array of diverse titles catering to various tastes and preferences. We’re taking a look at this week’s Nintendo Download games, with a highlight on three titles that will scratch your post-apocalyptic itch. 

Nintendo Downloads – Post-Apocalyptic Games 

A Void Hope – February 29, 2024

Nintendo Download Games A Void Hope
Nintendo Download Games – A Void Hope

This action platformer puts you into the role of a couple searching for a solution to push back the darkness that has overtaken their city. Explore a beautifully crafted, immersive cityscape as you encounter dangerous shadow entities bent on your annihilation. Though you have a weapon, your best chance at survival comes from the clever use of stealth and craftiness to avoid enemies entirely. Seek out items to assist in your journey to deliver the cure and solve puzzles as you search for the one thing that seems impossible to find amidst the gloom – hope.

A Void Hope features a jamming, 80’s-inspired synthwave soundtrack by Waveshaper that draws inspiration from horror and sci-fi classics. The game was created by Elden Pixels, the makers of Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy, and launched on February 29th on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the details by clicking here, or watch the trailer on YouTube. You can also rock out to Determination by Waveshaper on the A Void Hope homepage at

Berserk Boy – Available March 6

Berserk Boy
Berserk Boy – Nintendo Download

In a distant era, a deranged scientist and his legion of darkness aim to subjugate Earth’s populace. The fate of humanity hangs precariously in the balance as The Resistance emerges as the last beacon of hope. Amidst this chaos steps Kei, an inexperienced hero who undergoes a profound metamorphosis fueled by enigmatic Orb energy, becoming BERSERK BOY! With lightning-fast action and formidable strength, BERSERK BOY embarks on a mission to thwart the nefarious Dr. Genos and his horde of Dark Energy minions. Can he avert global catastrophe in the nick of time? The time has come to unleash the fury and GO BERSERK!

The musical score, crafted by Tee Lopes, renowned for his compositions in Sonic Mania, sets the dynamic backdrop for BERSERK BOY’s journey. Drawing from his expertise showcased in iconic soundtracks like TMNT, Streets of Rage 4, Metal Slug Tactics, and beyond, Lopes delivers electrifying beats that fuel the adrenaline as players dive into the action. Immerse yourself in the high-octane melodies as you unleash your inner berserker and embark on the quest to rescue humanity! Click here to find out more.

Time Trap: Hidden Objects – February 29, 2024

Time Trap: Hidden Object
Time Trap: Hidden Object

Time Trap: Hidden Objects will put you in the role of a detective searching for journalist John Doe who recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Word is that John had been investigating the Ring of Time corporation after they unleashed a calamity upon the city. You were able to trace Doe’s trail into what has become the quarantine zone, where you will trace John’s path to unveil the mysteries surrounding the Ring of Time and their nefarious plans.

Search through 55 realistic photoscapes in 37 different locations and complete logic puzzles and mini-games around the quarantine zone to aid in your investigation. Return to previously visited locations to unlock new quests and, with them, new rewards. Immerse yourself in an atmospheric, haunting soundtrack as you uncover the truth of the calamity. Visit the Nintendo website for more information on Time Trap: Hidden Objects.

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