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New Jellyfish UFO Footage Nearly Identical to Turkey’s 2009 Sighting [VIDEOS]

A UFO seen on Jeremy Corbell's YouTube (left) is compared to one seen in Turkey (right.)

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A video of a jellyfish-shaped UFO has gone viral after it was part of a new UFO documentary on Tubi. But this isn’t the first time the jellyfish UFO has been seen. The Tubi version was recorded in 2018 in Iraq. A highly similar one was seen in Turkey in 2009. Additional potentially similar sightings were reported in California and in Texas. Read on to see the different videos and compare them for yourself. 

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A Jellyfish-Shaped UFO Was Seen Over Iraq in 2018

The jellyfish UFO went viral after it was shown in the first episode of TMZ’s docuseries “TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution” in early January. (You can watch the docuseries on Tubi here.) The jellyfish-shaped UAP was recorded flying over Iraq at night in October 2018, Jeremy Corbell shared during the episode. He later released a longer, raw footage version of the video that you can see later in this section of the article.

The UAP footage was captured by the U.S. military as it was flying over a sensitive facility in Iraq. Corbell obtained the video and released it for the TMZ documentary. He also spoke to people who witnessed the UAP directly.

Corbell said that witnsses shared that the UFO descended into the water and then came back out 17 minutes later, shooting off at about 45 degrees. While the footage doesn’t show it going into or out of the water, Corbell said multiple witnesses told him that footage of this does exist. 

From Jeremy Corbell's YouTube
From Jeremy Corbell’s YouTube

People viewing the video have different opinions of it. Some think it’s just a balloon flying in the wind, some think it’s a smudge on the camera, but others say it definitely looks like a strange UFO of some sort. 

Corbell later released a longer, raw footage version of the jellyfish video that you can watch below (although this version also does not show it going underwater.) 

The caption for the video begins: “Investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp obtained and are revealing for the first time – footage of a military filmed UAP incursion within a United States joint operations base. This UAP of unknown origin displayed transmedium capability – and has been officially designated by the United States intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This designation is currently maintained.” 

The caption explains that this was taken by thermographic/forward looking infrared (FLIR) at a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq. It notes that the UFO “displayed transmedium capability” including entering the water “with a controlled descent” and coming back out later with a “sudden and rapid directional flight.”

The UFO was not observable with night vision and it seemed to jam the optical platform’s targeting capability, the YouTube caption notes. 

Corbell is expected to release a second video of the Jellyfish UAP on his channel soon. 

A Similar Jellyfish-Shaped UAP Was Seen Over Turkey in 2009

While some might dismiss the Iraq jellyfish UAP video, it’s harder to dismiss after learning that a similar-shaped UFO was shared in a Turkey news video back in 2009. This one was seen over Rize, Turkey, according to the caption. You can watch the video below. 

The video was also shared on Reddit by u/theyanardageffect, who wrote: “As a native speaker, i can say that people recording the video are somewhat shocked. It’s not a hoax.”

Here’s a screenshot of the UAP, which looks nearly identical to the one Corbell shared. 

UAP in Turkey
UAP in Turkey

There are other videos circulating that are less identical, but intriguing nonetheless. 

This next video, shared on Reddit, was taken in California on September 11, 2009, along highway 41 near Lemoore. No further details are known. 

UFO video recorded in California, 2009 along Highway 41 in Lemoore – Instant acceleration & spheres. Does it look similar to Jeremy Corbell’s newly shared Syria Dome UFO? FROM: @528vibes
byu/MartianXAshATwelve inStrangeEarth

On July 1, 2019, Redditor u/Apprehensive_Tap_331 spotted a jellyfish-shaped UFO in Austin, Texas, at 8:41 p.m. while driving for Uber. Some replies said they thought it was just a smudge or a smashed bug on their windshield, but they insisted their windshield was clean. You can watch their video below. 

Recorded this years ago, never got an explanation…recorded July 01, 2019 in Del valle, TX 8:41 pm. iPhone mounted to my windshield.
byu/Apprehensive_Tap_331 inaliens

Jellyfish-shaped UFO are a long-described phenomenon. A book by James E. Oberg called “UFOs & Outer Space Mysteries” talks about jellyfish UFO seen in Russia in September 1977 just before dawn. You can read the chapter here. They were known as the “Petrozavodsk phenomenon” and not all match up to Corbell’s video, but some might be considered similar. According to Wikipedia, there were 48 unidentified objects reportedly seen early in the morning (around 1 to 3 a.m.) in a vast area from Copenhagen and Helsinki to Vladivostok. Many people saw a glowing object in Petrozavodsk, hence the name. The cause or source of them was never determined. There was speculation it might be a failed ballistic missile test, a satellite launch, or something else.

In the case of the Russia sightings, the objects were glowing, whereas Corbell said the object seen in his video could not be picked up by night vision cameras.

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