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‘What Most of the American People Fear is True’: Congress Reacts to UFO Revelations

A lot was revealed in the ICIG meeting. Pictured is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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Members of the House Oversight Committee had some fascinating things to say after a classified meeting with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) about UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s claims. Based on the representatives’ reactions, many of Grusch’s claims were verified, which left Congress with more questions than answers. A key point that one Congress member brought up is that we should pay attention to the emphasis on calling non-human intelligence “interdimensional” rather than “extraterrestrial.” 

Here’s a roundup of all of the members’ reactions after last week’s meeting. While Grusch did not attend the meeting, the meeting was focused on his claims, which the ICIG had previously deemed urgent and credible. 

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Rep. Luna Said It’s Important to Remember That Grusch Said The Beings Are ‘Interdimensional,’ And Didn’t Want to Use the Term ‘Extraterrestrial’

David Grusch testifying to Congress (CSPAN)
David Grusch testifying to Congress about a secret UAP retrieval and reverse engineering program. (CSPAN)

In a fascinating statement, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna emphasized the difference between “interdimensional” beings, which are at the center of Grusch’s claims, versus “extraterrestrial.” The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

“I believe that he [Grusch] is telling the truth,” Rep. Luna first said. “I think that he is a credible witness and what I can also say is one thing in particular that really caused me to be concerned about this whole thing is that Grusch had stated to myself, Rep. Burchett, and another member on the phone that there were people that were hurt hiding this information and keeping this information safe, and/or trying to come forward with this information. What I can tell you is that I believe that claim after now leaving this SCIF…” 

She was asked if they were speaking to the right people. 

“I think that they are sending the correct people on paper, however… it’s become evident that there is an overclassification and that we are continually being stonewalled. My one concern is that we are authorizing money that is supposed to be spent on certain programs, and yet there is compartmentalization in which Congress doesn’t have access to oversight in those programs, and that’s a problem.” 

She said that “it has become apparent that there is a movement, whether it’s in the intelligence community or not, to prevent us from finding out more information on this. And so we are going to do what we need to do as investigators to continue to pull on whatever strings and see where they lead.”

And this is when she got to the part about the “interdimensional” term. 

“I think it’s incredibly important to listen to the specific words that Grusch uses,” Luna said. “You know, Grusch never said extraterrestrial or alien, he said interdimensional. I think that that’s incredibly important because those are the types of things that when we go in there… I think that Grusch, when I talked ot him on whether these were specifically extraterrestrials or alien in origin, he said interdimensional. He refused…to use certain terms, and I think that’s incredibly important, because I think that’s really the question we’re all wanting to know, right?”

She added that she’s going to ask Grusch to come back and talk to them directly so she can tell the public more. 

Luna later tweeted that there is enough evidence now to have their first field hearing. 

Meanwhile, many people are feeling very thankful to Grusch after the statements following the ICIG meeting. Here’s one video from our TikTok channel about this.

There are more statements from Congress below. 

Rep. Moskowitz Said the Meeting ‘Moved the Needle’ & Now They Know Claims They Want to Look Into More

Rep. Jared Moskowitz said the meeting helped move the needle, and it was the first time they got a “ruling” on what the IG thought of Grusch’s claims. Now, he said, they know what should get more investigation. The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

Rep. Jared Moskowitz said: “Well obviously, look, the process is extremely frustrating, but … this is the first real briefing that we’ve had that we’ve now made, I would say, progress on some of the claims Mr. Grusch has made in his complaint and some of the claims he provided to Congress. This is the first time we kind of got a ruling on what the IG thinks of those claims… This meeting, unlike the one we had previously when we did this briefing, this one actually moved the needle… There’s a lot of new questions, a lot of new areas to ask and poke in…”

As far as new questions that he has, he gave a hypothetical, emphasizing that he won’t share anything that was said in a classified briefing. Moskowitz said that if 10 claims were given and six were able to be investigated and found credible, they would want to further look into those six specific claims. 

Moskowitz later tweeted: “Based on what we heard many of Grusch claims have merit!” 

Rep. Andy Ogles Said Americans’ Fears Are Being Realized & ‘There’s a Concerted Effort to Conceal as Much Information as Possible’

The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. In it, Rep. Ogles said there was an organized effort to conceal the truth from Americans and Congress, and everything was so broken up and compartmentalized that getting to the whole picture is going to be very difficult. His statement brings back memories of how compartmentalized nuclear weapons development once was. Do we need to find the “Oppenheimer” of UFO research? 

Ogles said: “I just think that what most of the American people fear is true is that … there’s a concerted effort to conceal as much information as possible, both from Congress and to the general public. So, I asked very specific questions and was unable to get specific answers. And so that’s a problem and we’re not going to stop until we get the truth.” 

He was then asked if they weren’t getting information because the people asked wouldn’t tell them or didn’t know. 

“I think what you see is a very compartmentalized effort. So by compartmentalizing the information to such a degree that [if] you don’t ask the specific question to the specific person that has that piece of information. So we can take a puzzle with a hundred pieces and disseminate it to 47 people. So unless you ask the right person for the right piece of the puzzle, you’re not gonna get an answer. And that’s what’s happening here.” 

Ogles later shared a video with his thoughts. 

He said many of his questions were dodged, but they will discover the truth. 

Rep. Burlison Said ‘It Gives Us a Direction to Go Next’

Rep. Eric Burlison was posting on X frequently before the meeting about how excited he was to learn more about UFOs. He shared that while the meeting didn’t change his worldview (which he didn’t elaborate on), it did provide him with where there investigation should focus on next. The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

“It’s giving me a more clear perspective, a little bit more of a clear perspective, before it’s very blurry, everything is extremely blurry,” Burlison said. “But I’m getting a little bit more clarity. Without saying anything that came out of the hearing, I will say that my worldview has not changed…”

He was then asked if the problem was how compartmentalized everything is, and he said yes. 

“I feel like he (the ICIG) gave a lot of clarity to me,” Burlison said. “I think that some people are looking for things, this was not the venue to determine those things, but for me, I got a lot of clarity… But it does give us a direction to go next, and that’s the key thing.” 

Burlison later told Askapol that they were given specific locations that they are going to be looking into. 

Rep. Burchett Said the Meeting Verified That Millions Are Being Spent on ‘An Issue That We’ve Been Told Does Not Exist Since 1947’

Rep. Tim Burchett, who has been a big advocate for UFO disclosure, sad the ICIG meeting verified that there’s a coverup. The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

“You put these guys and gals in a tough position… It’s very compartmentalized as we’ve said. It’s like looking down the barrel of a 22 rifle and all they know is just right in that little circle… It didn’t disqualify anything I’ve thought in the past… It’s just whack-a-mole. You go to the next one until we get some answers. We got some pretty definitive stuff that … I’m sure y’all will get from somewhere else about what was discussed… It made what I think more credible…”

A reporter clarified that he was told something, in contrast to an earlier statement where he said they didn’t learn anything new. He agreed that they were told some things in the meeting. 

“We didn’t learn anything new, it just verified what I thought… I think they’re covering this thing up…” Burchett said. “And this guy’s pretty much verified that… [It’s] not their attempt to do it. But by design, this issue is very compartmentalized… It’s got me focused on who we need to be bringing into the hearing. As I’ve stated, it’s not about little green men and flying saucers. The issue is tens of millions of dollars on an issue that we’ve been told does not exist since 1947. Yet they’re spending that money on researching something.”

When asked who he would like to call into a hearing next, Burchett said he wasn’t going to name anyone because the last time he did, those people were told not to come to the hearing. 

Rep. Krishnamo Said He Left with More Concerns, But Was Also Disappointed About Not Exploring the Substance of Grusch’s Claims More

Rep. Raja Krishnamo said that he wants to delve into the substance of Grusch’s claims, but the meeting was more focused on the procedural edges. He did say that he left with more concerns after the SCIF than he had below. The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

Rep. Krishnamo said: “I’m more concerned than I was going into the SCIF, and I think [they?] have a lot of questions that remain unanswered and Mr. Grusch has made allegations that we’re still trying to figure out the veracity of and we haven’t gotten the answers that we need… My impression is that, unfortunately, I don’t think that we’re looking at the substance of those claimsa, and instead we’re kind of dancing around the procedural nature of his claims. And I think that we kind of have to delve into the substance and kind of figure out what’s what, and we don’t have the answers right now. And that’s very frustrating to a member of the Intelligence Oversight kind of function that I’m part of.”

He was then asked about Grusch’s claims of non-human biologics.

“Everybody is wondering about the substance of those claims,” Rep. Krishnamo said. “And until we actually look at those specifically, and try to get answers about those, those claims are just going to be out there. And so that’s what we need to kind of delve into. And unfortunately, I just wasted time in there not kind of figuring out whether those were true, and instead … dancing around the edges, talking about things that aren’t really as important to me. All that being said, I think that Mr. Grusch has made some claims and he’s also, he needs to be treated with some respect. And we need to get into the substance of his claims… I didn’t get the answers that I was hoping for.” 

Rep. Garcia Emphasized That This is a “Serious National Security Topic’

Rep. Robert Garcia said this is a serious national seucrity issue, not a joke or a fringe topic. He emphasized that he did learn new things, but can’t talk about them. The video below was shared by Jordan Clifford of NewsNation. 

First, Rep. Garcia explained that the first hearing brought about a bipartisan bill to give pilots and aviation personnel the ability to report UAPs, which has been lacking. As for the ICIG briefing, he said: “I think there was some interesting information… This is a topic that is … a national security issue, and it’s really important that there is disclosure and transparency. I think that’s what the public wants… It’s also a very serious topic… It’s not a joke.” 

He was then asked about some representatives who left disappointed, and Rep. Luna’s comment on interdimensional beings. 

“I think it’s easy to be disappointed when you don’t get all the information you want,” he said. “…I would have loved to receive much more information, but I think … it’s reasonable to say that everyone that was in the room received probably new information. I certainly did. Interesting additional information to continue the investigation and ask more questions. Definitely have more questions than less questions… I’m not going to get into any terms, I just think that it’s more important to focus on that this is a serious topic and it deserves serious attention. And I actually encourage … members of the media to continue covering this topic. I think that’s really important. It is not a fringe topic. It is a serious national security topic.” 

He would like to investigate the topic more, he added, and there are a number of agencies involved. The defense department is “at the center of this,” he said, but the intelligence agencies are also involved. 

“I understand that classification is complicated… I certainly want more answers, but sure, I would have loved to receive more information,” he said. “But I would not characterize the discussion as not providing new information and certainly interesting information.” 

Rep. Mace Said They’ll Be Calling Private Contractors Into Meetings

Rep. Nancy Mace told Askapol that they will be calling private contractors into meetings after this to be witnesses about the claims. 

“I won’t name names, but we have a better sense of who that might be today.” 

She added: “Grusch [is] determined to be credible on some of the things that we discussed today.”

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