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Game of Thrones Season 6 Hype Depository

A man in targaryen armor runs another man through with his sword.

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Imagine the most hype you’ve ever been. Now double that and add five. That’s how excited I am about Game of Thrones Season 6. Winter has been coming for a long-ass time, and now that it’s almost here, I can hardly wait.


Game of Thrones Season 6 Begins In…

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I’ve been zipping around the internet looking for the Season Six Game of Thrones hype, news, tidbits – pretty much anything to hold me over until the 24th. When I find something especially hype, I’m putting it on here. So check below to see the cream of the crop from my restless searching:

No Spoilers Section

The Show Runners Hype Season 6 as “The Best One We’ve Done”

Season Six Is Costing HBO about $10 Million for EACH Episode

The wives of the show runners told their husbands to bring back Jon Snow, or else they can just “be gay with each other”.

Season 6 Trailer #1

Mysteriously, Trailer #1 has been taken down.

There is, however, an extended scene from that first trailer available below:

Season 6 30-second Teaser Trailer

Season 6 Trailer #2

Someone made a better version with brighter settings. You can see that here.

Good times were had by all in these three additional Season 6 clips:

Extra Clip 1 – Daenerys

Extra Clip 2 – Cercie and Jaime

Extra Clip 3 – Sansa and Theon

SPOILERS BELOW – You’ve been warned.

Ian McShane Gives “Gravedigger” fans a reason to rejoice

In related news, The Watchers on the Wall Hosted a Season 6 Photoshop Challenge

A movie poster depicts the Clegane brothers showdown. Get Hype.

Davos says his favorite episode, Hardhome, “Is going to pale in comparison with what we’ve got coming up”.

Davos Gives Us Some More Juicy Plot Info

Daenerys Drops A Few Hints About Her Character Development

Sansa and Theon Give us a Taste of What Happens With Their Characters

Someone noticed this in the trailer: A STARK banner flies behind Davos. I wonder how that comes to pass?

Davos sits on a horse with a stark banner flying in the background.

Now slow down that second trailer! Draw your own conclusions, but we think it’s a flashback regarding a certain Mad King.

Do You Still Hunger for More Game of Thrones? Good.

We’re going to help you pass the time with our own hype-inducing links below.

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