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Five More Links Every Game of Thrones ASOIAF Book Reader NEEDS to Know #1

daenerys is chained up, but her dragons arent

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Welcome Game of Thrones ASOIAF book readers! If the wait for The Winds of Winter has got you bummed out, we can relate. Luckily, we’ve found a great way to pass the time: fan theories.

A Song of Ice and Fire, aka ASOIAF, has one of the most active fan communities on the internet, so there’s a TON of content to sift through. We’ve been doing it for years, so here are a few of our favorites for your enjoyment.

**Warning – it’s about to get controversial up in here. With so much great fan-created content, we’re inevitably going to leave out some favorites. We apologize in advance.**

We also made a list of the absolute TOP 5 links for book readers; which is much less controversial. You should check it out.

Five More Great Links for ASOIAF Book Readers #1

In no particular order…

#1 – Radio Westeros – Podcast

There are tons of ASOIAF themed podcasts. “Prolific” would probably describe more than a dozen, and many of them are quite good.

Radio Westeros is my pesonal favorite because each episode has laser focus on a specific topic, so I know what I’m getting. They also have a penchant for showmanship. Every episode has Westeros-themed songs, dramatic readings with sound effects, and fake Westeros product advertisements that remind me of the Onion. Check out the advertisement below, a program “sponsor” seeking volunteers for Quyburn’s medical experiments.

The hosts have really good radio voices, and one of them is British, so he pronounces words all wrong. It’s great. Their episode about Tywin Lannister was brilliant. It completely changed how I saw the guy. I’ve listened to all 40+ hours of their content, so I can personally vouch for the quality. The episode about Lightbringer is really outside the box, and perhaps that’s a good one to start with.

#2 – Preston Jacobs – Youtube Channel

Speaking of showmanship, Preston Jacobs sets himself apart from other YouTube channels with copious amounts of video editing, artwork, and well researched, mind-blowing theories.

Seriously folks, this guy has theories that would never occur to you in a million years. But once you hear his evidence, it’s impossible NOT to think of them. I’ve watched every single one of his more than 100 videos, and they’re all fascinating. 89,000 subscribers can’t be wrong…

I suggest starting with his oldest stuff. My favorite series of his, the Dornish Master Plan, is pure genius. Check it out below.

After watching The Dornish Master Plan (1-4) plus A Vow for Myrcella, my suggested viewing order is as follows:

Dragonless Ambitions aka The Maester Conspiracy (1-5)
The Pink Letter Mystery (1-3)
The Littlefinger Debt Scheme (1-5)
Daenerys Videos (1-5)
The Faceless Men (1-5)
The Minds of Wolves and Robins (1-8)
The Tower of Joy (1-3)
Riverlands of the Dragon (1-3)

And then watch everything else. What You Are Missing is a fun one. Especially if, like me, you get the show and books mixed up occasionally.

#3 – Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire – Essays

To call this bunch “veterans” of the ASOIAF community would be an understatement. You could spend weeks reading through their essays – and honestly you should. Many of the essays are even available as a podcast, read aloud by the author. But I suggest reading instead, because of the great artwork you’ll miss out on otherwise.

If you’re looking for a good place to start reading, I’d suggest The Dragon’s Mercy: The Violent Future Path of Daenerys Targaryen.

#4 – Endgame of Thrones – Essays

“Outside the box” doesn’t even begin to describe this series of essays. Even Preston Jacobs would be taken aback by some of the outlandish theories on this blog. That said, it’s an incredibly enjoyable read with lots of excellent artwork.

Could Bran Stark ride his ice dragon into battle against Azor Ahai who happens to be none other than Jaime Lannister? Who knows, he just might!

#5 – The Game of Thrones Subreddit – Fan Community

Combining both book readers and show watchers, this community driven link-board is a constant stream of cool links. Shower-thought about the show? Check. Pictures of Game of Thrones tattoos? Why not. Anything is game for this board, so dive in and see what you find. With more than half a million subscribers, you’re bound to find something of interest.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Begins In…

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