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The Five Links Every ASOIAF Book Reader Needs to Know

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If you’ve read the Game of Thrones book series A Song of Ice and Fire, then you’re going to want to remember the five links below. There’s no use denying it. You might as well just go ahead and bookmark them now.

Listed in no particular order:

#1 – The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

The wait for the Winds of Winter has been long, and may be a while yet. Eventually you’ll break down and read the sample chapters. Then the rumors. Then you’ll post something emo on social media. And add this Sound of Silence – Winds of Winter parody to your ipod.

Everything you need to know about the Winds of Winter, including all of the released chapters, is available at this one link.

#2 – A Search of Ice and Fire

So you’ve just had a heated debate with a friend over whether Arya ate people in a wolf dream. You know it’s in there somewhere, but your friend categorically denies it. Time to bust out this FULL TEXT SEARCH TOOL and settle it here and now.

#3 – A Search of Tin and Foil

It’s the Google of ASOIAF fantheories. This search tool combines several fansite communities into one database. More info here.

#4 – GRRM’s livejournal aka Not a Blog

Most people think that, when there is news about the Winds of Winter, George is going to post about it here first. In fact, Brynden B Fish says that “GRRM has repeatedly said that he’d announce TWOW on his blog first.”  And he’s kind of an expert on this topic, seeing as how he wrote the Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource above.

Also, George likes to interact with his readers in the comments section – which is pretty awesome.

#5 – A good fan forum.

There are two large ASOIAF book reader fan communities, though you’ll realistically only follow one. New posts just come far too frequently to do otherwise. But it’s a rewarding experience to get involved, and the very best way to stay informed about everything related to Game of Thrones.

1. The ASOIAF Reddit


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