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Ten Must-See Links for EVERY Game of Thrones Fan

an ancient castle stands by the ocean

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Whether you like A Game of Thrones the TV show or the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, you’re going to enjoy these ten twelve links:

An Illustrated Guide to Every On-Screen Death

pictures of the deceased from game of thrones

The Real Life History That Inspired GRRM’s Main Characters

two knights joust in front of a crowd

The Purple Wedding EXPLAINED with Pictures

Olenna Tyrell takes poison from Sansa Stark

The Cast of A Game of Thrones Discusses the Most Insane Fan Theories They’ve Ever Heard

several cast members discuss wild game of thrones theories

How to Read A Game of Thrones

The three eyed raven flies at your screen, wearing glasses on two eyes

Let them Eat Cake! Check out this Game of Thrones Theme’d Iron Throne Cake

Ths cake looks like the iron throne

GRRM saw all of this coming…

the presidential candidates are compared to game of thrones characters

Hodor Cosplay FTW

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Don’t Tread on Me

Cercei is having a hard time…

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Targaryen Funeral Pyre

This Sigil Art Will Blow Your Mind

Game of Thrones Paper Quilling Sigils


    Derek is diligently preparing to rebuild civilization after the inevitable happens.

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