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30 Hilarious Game of Thrones YouTube Videos

the dragon queen daenerys sits on a burning pyre wit her dragon. A black bar covers her breasts

There are lots of hilarious Game of Thrones YouTube videos, and we’ve picked out our 30 favorite for your viewing pleasure. Here are numbers 26-30. Check out our full list of funny Game of Thrones videos, starting with #1, HERE.

#26 – Rage of Thrones – The Axis of Awesome

#27 – Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings: Kurz Gesagt Field Day

#28 – Jon Snow – Wildlings ft. Ygritte – Flo Rida Parody

#29 – NSFW NSFW – What It’s Like to Read the Books – VERY NSFW

#30 – Glad You Came – The Wanted Game of Thrones Parody

Game of Thrones Season 6 Begins In…

[waiting name=”Thrones”]

Derek is diligently preparing to rebuild civilization after the inevitable happens.

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