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football and baseball cardboard cutouts
Dune Trailer
Movies, News, Space

Dune Movie Trailer Released: Let’s Take a Deeper Look

Top 10 Amazon Prime
Last Man on Earth
Haiku the robot
Games, News

‘Haiku, the Robot’ Kickstarter and Demo Review

Upcoming post-apocalyptic games.
Nicole from Alone
Resident Evil
News, TV Shows

Resident Evil TV Series Coming to Netflix

Wasteland 3 Faction Art
Games, News

Wasteland 3 Launch Day Review Round-up

a man plays a flaming guitar in the apocalypse
The Stand
News, TV Shows

The Stand Reboot Set to Release on December 17

Tracking hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes
Train to Busan Peninsula
Movies, News

Train to Busan Peninsula: What Do the Critics Think?

Draganfly Drone
Fire Tornado
Creepy Cicada

Zombie Cicadas Return to West Virginia

Bird flu outbreak in Australia
Arya vs Madi
Raised by Wolves
reading during coronavirus pandemic

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