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Which Manga Chapter Picks Up Where Attack on Titan Just Left Off?

Attack on Titan Manga

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If you just watched Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 16 ending, then you might really want to keep on reading the manga from where it left off. So where in the manga does Episode 75 leave off? Here are all the details.

Note: If you’re looking for the manga chapter after the end of Season 4 Part 2, see our newer story here.

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The Episode Takes Place Around Chapter 116 of the Manga

Fans who are reading the manga explained that Season 4 Episode 16 will end around Chapter 116 of the manga. One fan noted on Reddit that the manga itself will end at Chapter 139 on April 9.

So that leaves us with about 23 chapters of the manga to animate still, which will happen in Part 2 coming in Winter 2022.

On Reddit, u/Upboat_Fortress provided some helpful signposts for when major things happen in the manga, noting that:

  • Chapter 91 corresponds with the beginning of the Marley arc
  • Chapter 114 corresponds with Zeke’s story in “Sole Salvation”
  • Chapter 116 corresponds with today’s episode, “Above and Below”

So if you’re wanting to start reading the manga right where the episode left off, start at Chapter 116 or a little before that. However, most manga readers emphasize that the whole thing is really good, so if you start from the beginning you won’t be disappointed. I can certainly attest to that. I’ve started reading the manga myself and am only partway through, but am loving every page. It really breathes new life into the anime and gives you some perspectives that may have been missed while viewing the show.

How to Read the Manga

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If you want to read the manga, Crunchyroll’s premium account includes links to where you can read the manga online. It goes all the way back to Chapter 1 and then up to the most recently published chapter. This might be the easiest way to read it online.

You can also purchase some beautiful volumes on Amazon if you’re wanting to start from the beginning. I suggest the Attack on Titan Colossal Editions. They are larger editions that ar eeasier to read and allow you to see the details in the drawings better. And they’re absolutely gorgeous.

You can get Colossal Edition 1 on Amazon here.

It looks like they have editions all the way through Edition 5 so far, which features the Warhammer on the cover. Edition 6 is releasing on September 28, 2021.

You can also get box sets that cover specific seasons, like Season 1 Part 2.


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