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Retired Admiral Speaks Out: ‘Non-Human Intelligence [Is] Visiting Us’

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Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet has been outspoken about UAPs, including stating that UFO whistleblower David Grusch was “credible” after he testified to Congress about his claims that the U.S. has a secret UAP retrieval program. Now Gallaudet is coming forward with information that credible witnesses have confirmed that non-human intelligence (Grusch and other’s terms for aliens) are indeed visiting Earth. 

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Gallaudet Said We Don’t Know the Aliens’ Intentions

Gallaudet is a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and former administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA). He has a Ph.D. in oceanography and is the CEO of Ocean STL Consulting, according to his LinkedIn profile. He’s also been a strategic adviser for numerous organizations, including the Ocean Research Advisory Panel for the White House, Americans for Safe Aerospace, and more. He’s currently an affiliate with Harvard’s Galileo Project and recently spoke at a Sol Foundation event

His ranking of Rear Admiral (retired) places him at the “highest permanent rank during peacetime,” roughly equivalent to the rank of major general in the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Space Force, according to Wikipedia

In an interview with Liberation Times, Gallaudet said that NHI are indeed visiting us, and we don’t know their intentions. He said the information has come from credible, first-hand whistleblowers that he personally trusts, who have worked on programs involving UFOs. 

“I do know from the people I trust, who have had access to some of these programs, that there are different types of non-human intelligence visiting us whose intentions we do not know,” Gallaudet said. 

He emphasized this again later in the interview: “We still don’t understand their intentions, which is worthy of serious research and discussion, instead of putting our heads in the sand.”

Gallaudet added that given the diversity of life on Earth, it’s really not surprising there could be a diversity of life elsewhere too. 

“It’s not a real stretch when you consider the diversity of life on this planet,” he said. 

Gallaudet Shared the Story of a Submarine that Encountered an Underwater UFO

In his interview with Liberation Times, Gallaudet also recounted the story of a submarine that encountered a UFO, and how he’s convinced we need to study for UAPs underwater too. The retired submariner had the encounter in the 1980s in the North Atlantic. Sonar indicated a Russian torpedo was nearing the submarine, but the location didn’t make any sense, and the object eventually slowed down, which it shouldn’t have been able to do. 

He said the encounter happened during a bad storm with 40-foot waves creating a lot of underwater noise, which meant they shouldn’t have been able to detect the object as easily as they did.

“It was so fast that the signature had every indication that it was a Russian torpedo,” Gallaudet recounted. “The crew had trained for this scenario. But it didn’t make any sense for Russian submarines to be in that area and to be able to detect their submarine because of the high noise and sea state… They ended up taking evasive maneuvers. They dove deep near the crush depth…” 

It was when the object slowed down that they realized something was very amiss. 

“The object slowed down as it approached and then went around the submarine to the stern and began slowly trailing it,” Gallaudet shared. “It trailed the submarine for a time and then rapidly moved out of the area…” 

Gallaudet said that back in the 1980s, there was no way U.S. or Russian technology could have made those maneuvers. So he referred the submariner to AARO, who promised to look into the incident. But AARO never got back to the witness. 

Incidents like these have left Gallaudet with a strong desire to look for evidence of UAPS in the oceans. 

“I want to pursue the study of UAP in the oceans to add to the overall body of knowledge,” he said. “…Why just limit ourselves to looking up when we know if we look below we’ll find that evidence too?”

Gallaudet Says UFO Disclosure is Thwarted by a Cold War Mentality

Gallaudet says that an outdated cold war mentality has left the U.S. hiding its knowledge of UAPs. 

On a LinkedIn discussion, when asked about the secrecy surrounding UAPs, Gallaudet said: “Holdover of Cold War culture to hide any advanced technology from our terrestrial adversaries. The problem is that it got so bad that not even Congress or uniformed military leaders like me were read-in. Whistleblowers finally got to Congress which has started to turn this around.” 

Gallaudet recently wrote an opinion piece published by The Hill where he shared that UFOs are “the story of the century” and America needs to “wake up.” 

“As a retired U.S. Navy flag officer, I can attest to the integrity and authenticity of the two pilots who testified…” he wrote. “These two witnesses are the real deal. So is David Grusch. As a Navy information warfare officer, I worked closely with the intelligence community and Grusch’s former command, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I too have been read into special access programs, and I understand how Department of Defense classification systems and authorities work. His testimony is 100 percent credible.”

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