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YouTuber Almost Dies Traveling to Mad Max Movie Set Because the Outback is Crazy

The Road Warrior

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YouTuber Andy Mai, 23, decided to head out to the desert set of the upcoming Furiosa movie to meet his hero, Chris Hemsworth. But it turns out, trying to drive through the outback in a rented Mercedes isn’t such a good idea.

Mai’s trip was fairly spontaneous as he decided to take advantage of a complimentary rental Mercedes while his car was being serviced at a dealership. His first trip plan was Mungo National Park, about 1000 km inland from his home base of Sydney, but when Mai heard that Chris Hemsworth was on the other side of New South Wales filming the next Mad Max movie, he headed west.

Chris Hemsworth

Mai booked a hotel in Silverton, headed to the iconic Mundi Mundi lookout, and spied some tents and trucks that he believed marked a filming location right near where the original movies were filmed.

“I heard that’s where they filmed the original Mad Max movie,” he said. “I saw these trucks going downhill into the desert. I followed one of the trucks, I was driving thinking ‘Where does this road end?’, and there was nothing, just dirt.

“There was no official road or anything. The sun was setting. The trucks, I couldn’t see them anymore.”

So Mai headed back to Silverton to get some info, but the locals wouldn’t cooperate. “Everyone was pretty low key on where the set was, even the bartender at the Silverton Hotel,” he said. “One, I think people just didn’t want people barging into the film set, but two, I don’t think the locals had much info.”

The Hemsworth fan eventually gave up and decided to head back to Sydney, but got stuck in the muddy roads that weren’t built for his luxury rental.

“I had no signal, there was no-one for miles. If something happens, no one’s going to find out for a few days. That part was really scary,” he said.

Mai eventually found a kid on a dirt bike who enlisted the help of his family to come pull Mai’s car out of the mud.

After such a dangerous experience, Mai admits that he probably made some errors in judgement. “The lessons I learnt were so powerful,” he said. Now I know to make sure to take a four-wheel drive out. Now I know to bring lots of water.”

Unfortunately, Mai never made it to the Furiosa set and never got to meet Hemsworth, but he’s not giving up now.

“…Next time I’m going to make sure I go to a film crew on a weekday and do it during the day so I can sort of blend in.

“Now I can prepare for next time.”

[Via News.Com.Au]

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